KSI Net Worth, Early Life, Career

KSI Net Worth

Britain’s biggest influencer, KSI has been the best YouTuber for a decade. With millions of followers and billions of views, KSI net worth is also counted in multi-millions. But How did KSI get rich? This article is just about that! It’ll provide you with an overview of KSI’s career, early life, and sources behind his fortune.

Who is KSI?

Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, widely known as KSI, is a popular British Youtuber and rapper. He is also a businessman and has been a boxer. Initially, he rose to fame in 2012 with his YouTube channel, based on video game commentary. The channel is now known as KSI and contains 24.1 million subscribers.

As his channel grew in popularity, KSI became a prominent figure in the online community. Later he started making his music career as a rapper. So far, the Youtuber has released two studio albums along with four EPs and over thirty music videos. Also, he has been a professional boxer since 2019.

Full Name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji
Born 19 June 1993 (age 30)
Birthplace London, England
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 8 inches (1.75 m)
Profession YouTuber, Rapper, Songwriter, Boxer, Businessman
Social Media Facebook, Instagram
YouTube Channel KSI, JJ Olatunji
Net Worth $25 Million
Monthly Income $250K

How Much is KSI Net Worth?

As of 2023, KSI owns roughly $25 Million in net worth. The majority of his revenues come from his YouTube channel. According to the Times, KSI has been the biggest influencer in  Britain in 2020. Besides his music career is also been a source. Another source of KSI earnings is his business ventures.

KSI Net Worth

Check out the later section to know the sources behind KSI’s fortune in detail.

Early Life

Born in 1993 in London, KSI grew up in Watford, Hertfordshire.  He is of Nigerian and British descent. Growing up, KSI developed a passion for video games and football (soccer).  He studied at Berkhamsted School but later dropped out to pursue his career as a content creator. That he eventually made happen.

Source Behind KSI Net Worth

YouTube Career

KSI’s YouTube career has been the foundation of his rise to fame and financial success. He started his YouTube channel, “KSIOlajideBT,” in 2009, creating content focused on football (soccer) and video games. However, it was his humorous commentary, entertaining vlogs, and gaming videos that gained him a massive following.

As his popularity grew, KSI expanded his content to include challenges, reaction videos, music, and collaborations with other YouTubers. Since 2014, British he is one of the founding members of the popular British YouTube group Sidemen.

Besides his main channel, he has two more channels on Youtube. Combining his three channels he has over 41.53 million subscribers. And his main channel has more than 6 billion views as of 2023.

His second channel, JJ Olatunji, which he started in 2011, has surpassed 16 million subscribers with 28 million monthly views on average. And KSI’s third channel gets 19 million views per month on average.

Talking about his Youtube earnings, his monthly income from Youtube alone is $80K to $90K on average. This is just based on his channel views. There are other factors like content niche, collaborations, sponsorships, etc. that enhance his earnings more.

Also, as the founding and active member of the Sidemen channel, KSI receives revenues from there. Not just from the channel, from its merchandise sales, or any other collaborations, KSI has his shares.

Music Career

KSI’s music career has been another major aspect of his success and popularity. He made his music debut in 2015 with the single “Lamborghini,” featuring rapper P Money.

Since then, KSI has released several hit singles and albums, including “Dissimulation” and “All Over the Place.” His music showcases a mix of rap and hip-hop. And his songs have accumulated millions of streams across different music platforms.

KSI Net Worth

Apparently, KSI’s music has been another source of income and success, contributing to his fortune. It’s from his-

  • Albums and Singles: KSI has released successful albums and singles, with many of his songs charting well and earning millions of streams. On Spotify alone, he has over 5 million monthly listeners.
  • Collaborations: He has collaborated with well-known artists, such as Craig David, Lil Wayne, and others. That has further elevated his music career.
  • Music Videos: KSI’s music videos on YouTube have accumulated millions of views. Hence another source of expanding his channel.
  • Live Performances: KSI has performed his music live at concerts and events, engaging with his fans. And that to helped him generate revenue through ticket sales and merchandise.

His recent music video, released in January 2023, was “Voices” featuring Oliver Tree. The view has suppressed 7.2 million views as of the writing.

Boxing Career

Not just a YouTuber or a rapper, KSI has been a boxer since 2017, entering the professional level in 2019. In 2018, he entered the boxing world with his first high-profile match against fellow YouTuber Joe Weller. The event was highly anticipated and drew massive attention from fans and media alike.FAQs

The following year, KSI faced off against American YouTuber Logan Paul in a highly publicized boxing match. The first fight, which ended in a draw, generated enormous interest and hype. The rematch took place later that year, and KSI emerged victorious.

His boxing career has been a major source of public fascination and entertainment. KSI’s involvement in high-profile boxing matches, including pay-per-view events, has undoubtedly contributed to his net worth.

Business Ventures

The rapper’s love for boxing later drove him to found the company Misfits Boxing. It’s a company to promote boxing and its events.


Besides, he has also invested in other businesses and made partnerships. For example, KSI is one of the owners of Prime Hydration. Another example is his investment in XIX Vodka. He reportedly has a restaurant chain, named Sides. All these ventures have indeed boosted his earnings.


How did KSI get famous?

KSI got famous through his YouTube channel. He started creating videos on gaming content, and commentary.

How old is KSI right now?

As KSI  was born in June 1993, this makes him 30 years old as of 2023.

Why is KSI called JJ in Sidemen?

It’s because JJ stands for “Jide Junior,” which is short for KSI’s real name, Olajide William Olatunji. The nickname “JJ” is commonly used by his friends and fellow members of the Sidemen group.

How much of prime does KSI own?

Along with Logan Paul, KSI has founded the  Prime hydration, energy drink. But they do not own the whole company, rather they own only 20% share of Prime.

Final Thoughts

As a highly successful YouTuber, KSI net worth is undoubtedly impressive. His journey from a young YouTuber to a successful rapper, boxer, and entrepreneur is significant as well. With a continuously expanding influence and creativity, KSI’s financial standing is likely to continue growing.


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