Can You Use Pee Pads For Dogs

Can You Use Pee Pads For Dogs

Does your pup ruin your floors by peeing now and then? What would you do if it was your baby? You would have put a diaper on him. You can do the same for your canine friend. We know dog diapers as dog pee pads. Those who are not familiar with it may wonder, can you use pee pads for dogs?

Using a pee pad for a dog is not a bad idea if he doesn’t have access to the yard or latrine. Also, this pad can be a saviour by preventing mess in your house.

If you are thinking of using a pee pad for your dog, you must train him for it. In this article, we will discuss everything about pee pads and their usage for dogs.

What Are Pee Pads?

We refer to pee pads as wee-wee pads, potty pads, and piddle pads, which are absorbent for mess. They are available in different layers, e.g., rectangular and square. You can use these pads to train your dog so that he doesn’t pee here and there.

Can You Use Pee Pads For Dogs

We all use baby diapers for our children when they can’t go to the bathroom for a long time. Pee pads do the same job. When you don’t want your dog to flush his bowel and bladder, you can put a pee pad on him.

How Do Pee Pads Work?

Pee pads work by absorbing urine or discharge of dogs. Besides, there are different layers of sponge in a pee pad, which allows it to absorb liquid for a long time.

The top layer of pee pads is leakproof. So you won’t have to worry about your dog getting rashes.

There are some absorbent versions of pee pads. They help to turn the liquid into gel. As a result, the pee and potty on the pad will stay dry.

Some pee pads can control odour. Thanks to their refreshing smell that covers up to the unpleasant smell.

Can You Use Pee Pads For Dogs?

You can’t avoid using a diaper for your baby when you take him outside. In the same way, you can’t avoid using a pee pad for your dog when necessary.

If you don’t train dogs properly, they can pee and defecate anywhere, just like babies. Using a pee pad on them can save your property from their mess. Moreover, pee pads are safe to use for dogs. The materials they have hardly caused any skin problems. Yet, it is better to consult the vet before using a pee pad on your dog.

How To Train Your Dog For Pee Pads?

Dog pee pads are effective for training dogs to do their latrine. Also, you must know some simple steps to make the training worth it.

  • Start with putting a harness or collar on your dog and guide him to go to the pee pad. Or you can place him on the pad.
  • Encourage your dog by saying that he is doing a great job by peeing on the pee pad. You can use some phrases to make him pee, like “pee”.
  • After your dog discharges on the pee pad, reward him with some food. Do this whenever he uses the pee pad to pee or poop.
  • Make a schedule for your dog to pee. For instance, you can guide your dog to use the pee pad every hour. This will make him specific about the timing to use the pee pad.
  • If your dog uses the pee pad at an unusual time when his bladder is full, praise him and give treats to him.
  • Don’t forget to change your dog’s pee pad when it becomes moist and starts smelling bad.

Benefits Of Using Pee Pads For Dogs

Pee pads indeed reduce loads of tasks for dog owners. Also, they carry benefits for dogs. Such as:

Convenient To Use

Your dog will find the pee pad comfortable to use. Thanks to its cosy materials. Hence, wearing it to your dog won’t let him hold urine for a long time.

Easy To Clean

Dog pee pads give zero hassles to clean. Just throw the pad away into the garbage, and you are done.

Better For Dogs With Health Issues

If your dog is suffering from health issues, he may not use the bathroom. In that case, you can dress him up with a pee pad. It will let him discharge whenever he wants.

Great For Dogs Who Stay Home

Many dog owners don’t have yards for their dogs. So, they keep their dogs in the house. In such situations, dogs pee and poop in the house. If you are facing the same, get a pee pad for your dog. It will prevent your house from being a mess, as your dog will only discharge on the pad.

Side Effects Of Using Pee Pads For Dogs

The side effects of using pee pads for dogs are not immense. Here are some cons that you can relate to.

  • Your dog will get used to the pad, and won’t go outside to pee or potty.
  • The training process can bother you.
  • Wearing the pad all day long can cause rashes.

When Can You Use Pee Pads For Dogs?

The best way for a dog to pee is how we humans do. We feel like doing it, so we go to the bathroom. It would be a cherry on top if you train your dog for that.

Pee pads can also do the job of training dogs to go to the bathroom. If your dog feels like doing a latrine, he can not be on the pad for that.

Can You Use Pee Pads For Dogs

As said before, pee pads are like diapers for dogs. You can put the pee pad on your dog when you travel a long distance. Or when your dog has to be in the car for a long time. Since he can’t use the bathroom or the yard, he can discharge on the pad whenever he wants.

Besides travelling, dogs need pee pads when they become older. Aged dogs usually suffer from mobility issues, so they can’t go outside to pee and potty often. They may discharge in your house, where he is sitting. So, to avoid messing with your aged dog, you can use a pee pad for him.

It doesn’t matter if you travel with your dog or if he is old. Unless his veterinarian recommends, you can’t use a pee pad for your dog. Some dogs cannot cope with pee pads, and maybe your canine friend is one of them. However, your vet will understand that better by knowing your dog’s history.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can You Use Pee Pads For Dogs?

Can you use pee pads for your puppy?

Yes, you can use pee pads for your puppies. They are young dogs and may not know the exact rules to go to the latrine. So you can put pee pads on them so they don’t ruin your house.

Do puppy pee pads smell?

A pee pad can reveal an unpleasant smell if your dog uses it for a long time. It is because, when the moisture becomes high, the pad can’t neutralise the smell.

Can dogs destroy pee pads?

Dogs like to stay active and play all day. Whereas pee pads can restrict their movements. That’s why dogs are more likely to destroy pee pads.

Final Thoughts

If you wonder, can you use pee pads for dogs? The answer is yes. Dogs usually create a mess all over the house when not properly trained. However, if you use a pee pad for your dog, you can get rid of those hassles.

Hopefully, you will want to use this pad for your dog. If yes, change it every 6 hours. Or else your dog can have infections due to the retained moisture in the pad. Also, ask your vet if it would be safe to use it on your dog.


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