How to Create a Minimalist Home Office


Working from home has skyrocketed recently, and it seems unlikely to fade away anytime soon. Many of us have switched from wondering when we’ll return to the office to thinking about how we can create the home office of our dreams.

From classic, executive-style home offices to a funky, colorful vibe, there are lots of designs you can choose between – and one of the most popular style is minimalism.

Choose the right desk

If you’re going for a minimalist aesthetic in your home office, that means keeping your furnishings to a minimum. The desk is the centerpiece of the room – so make sure you choose yours wisely.

Think simple, long desks that almost look like dining tables. Minimalists don’t go in for drawers, storage space or any of the other excess features you might find on a regular desk. 

Instead, it’s about knowing that you have everything you need with no unnecessary extras. But you can make up for the lack of features by selecting a desk with some style.

Feel constrained by your budget? Don’t worry. There are plenty of stylish budget desks out there, so take your pick.

Most minimalists go for a monochrome color scheme, opting for a desk that’s either black or white, but you don’t have to stick to that.

Think about your comfort

Clearing away the noise to focus on what’s really important is a central aspect of minimalism, and what could be important than your comfort in a home office environment?

Avoid aches and pains by kitting your office out with ergonomic equipment. Your chair should be comfortable, secure, and adjustable to make sure you’re sitting in the right position.

You could also consider purchasing an ergonomic keyboard, which either feature a split keyboard (so you can type with your arms at a 90˚ angle) or a resting pad for your wrists.

Keep the room bright

Minimalism is about far more than just cutting down on the stuff in your office. The ethos is focusing on what really matters to you and cutting out the distractions. To help you achieve that, make sure your office is always bright to boost productivity and reduce eye strain.

Natural light is best if possible, but if not, artificial light can also do the trick. Choose bulbs that give off white light (not yellow) and include a desk lamp for an extra light source.

Create a system for minimizing junk

Even if you set up the perfect minimalist office today, what’s stopping it from turning into a cluttered mess tomorrow? For that, you need a system.

One of the biggest culprits for the build-up of junk is paperwork – bills, statements, letters, and more. Instead of letting them pile up on your desk, make sure you can deal with them straightaway.

Place a wastebasket and a shredder close to your desk so you can dispose of papers immediately after using them. If it’s something you need to keep hold off, scan it and store it digitally instead.

Add some inspirational items

Although minimalism is all about keeping furnishings, accessories, and just about everything else down, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a few decorative items. Just choose them wisely.

Rather than filling the entire office with ornaments and decor, opt for just a handful of items – maybe a few plants if you want to give your office a natural feel, or photos of your loved ones if that’s what keeps you motivated.

You don’t have to be a purist to learn from minimalism design principles and implement some yourself. The most important thing is simply making sure your office space leaves you feeling calm and productive. However you choose to do that is up to you!


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