The Best Inflight Entertainment Systems for Nervous Flyers


One of the safest forms of transportation is Air Travel. The terror of flying is familiar; it is roughly calculated that one out of three people faced some extent of anxiety during inflight.

Many people having different kinds of phobias can also find it hard to be no fear of heights and flying; feeling like being stuck inside the cabin causes anxiety.

Happily, the modern era of air travel advanced with improvements in entertainment systems for nervous travelers to pass the time, helping to relax, and forget their fear. There are different entertainment choices to select from in modern flights, such as movies, games, TV shows, and even a variety of e-books.

For example, Singapore Airlines is known for its best in-flight services. Passengers can enjoy various movies, music, TV shows, and games while seated. Suppose you are searching for good infight entertainment options to reduce your stress and nervousness. 

In that case, you can turn on your streaming apps like Hulu in Singapore Airlines and enjoy your downloaded content for free on Wi-Fi without any ads. However, in this article, we are going to mention some best Airlines with entertainment systems and tips to soothe your nervousness while on the flight.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines provide free entertainment on the flight to passengers with their devices. The in-flight entertainment content gives you free access to movies, TV shows, and live television via satellite-based Wi-Fi from every Southwest aircraft.

Southwest Airlines even provides the option to buy desirable movies; you can access the film the whole time during your flight. It is the best option for long flights primarily.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines gives inflight entertainment via its Delta Studio platform. The excellent part of Delta Studio is that it has over 300 movies, 100 games, and 750 TV shows. Travelers can get access to this content from their seat-back screens or via their personal phones or devices.

Moreover, Delta is the only significant US airline providing live satellite television to all its travelers. So, you don’t have to worry about missing your shows and sports events during long flights.

United Airlines

This Airline offers a wide range of entertainment features via its United Private Screening program. As a traveler of this Airline, you can access many TV shows and movies like Big Bang Theory, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Game of Thrones. 

As well as games and podcasts are also available. You can stream direct from your phone or seat-back screen.


As its name pop-up, everyone knows that Emirates Airlines is the best among the top-tier airlines, and when it comes to entertainment for flyers, it has no competition. It has over 4,500 streaming channels that you will wonder what to watch or not. 

The ICE entertainment of Emirates Airlines includes a different and colossal collection of genres of TV shows, documentaries, games, and movies for every age group. You can access one of the massive streaming libraries through your devices.

Cathay Pacific Airline

Cathay Pacific Airlines has a bundle of entertainment for its passengers, including newspapers, music, podcasts, movies, and TV shows. This airline also offers a significant element called “CX City Guides,” which gives you quick information about your destination, cover regional culture city marvels, and the newest arrival guidance. It is the best option for those flyers who mostly get lost or have a problem with directions while traveling to a new place for the first time.

Tips for Nervous Flyers

Have you ever gotten weird and fearful thoughts while flying? Like, is the plane going to stay in the air? Or why is the plane turning sideways? If this rings a bell, these tips below are for all nervous travelers.

  1. The best tip to overcome your fear is to control or fool your mind by starting a conversation. You can talk to the person sitting beside you about the stuff you like or dislike, and while talking, just lost in the deep talk, forget that you are on a plane.
  2. Start listening to music. It is very calming to listen to music for a short journey. It will help to cancel noise from the background. But if you are traveling for a long trip, then a podcast is the best option, as you can have a one-on-one talk while listening to podcasts. The podcast has many fun and exciting channels for everyone.
  3. Stop tracking your in-flight. You can check it occasionally, but too often will put you under pressure, and you might feel nauseous. Time will pass much faster the less you concentrate.
  4. If you are nervous, tell the flight attendant. It is better to talk to a flight attendant who works excellently in some airlines than others. They will relax by telling you how much time is left or when the plane will land.
  5. Bring your comfort item with you. It is the best therapy; bringing your favorite comfort, whether a pillow, socks, or book, will help you feel at ease.


In conclusion, finding a comfortable and entertaining flight is hard. And if you are looking for some magnificent inflight with streaming systems to calm your fear and anxiety, these airlines, as mentioned above, got your back. 

They have various things to entertain their passengers, from live television to music. And if you still feel nervous, then follow above mention tips and have a fun journey.


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