Interesting Facts to Talk About to Strike a Conversation

interesting facts to talk about

When amidst friends, there nothing better than starting a conversation about all the weird fun facts. That can be something about history, psychology, nature, and more. There are so many little-known facts that are engrossing and can leave anyone in awe. So, let us not waste any more time checking out some interesting facts to talk about to spice up your next conversation with your friends! Keep scrolling down, and we are sure the fun facts below will surely leave you in complete surprise!

30 Interesting Facts to Talk About

Here we have made a list of the interesting facts to talk about that complete leave you surprised:

You cannot bear silence for long

Indeed, we all love silence. But do you know that you will not be able to bear silence for more than 45 minutes? Yes, when you are in the most silent place in the world, you will not be able to endure it. If you are in a silent room and have negative decibels, you will not tolerate it. It irritates the person so much that he/she will have to sit. So, you can endure it only for 45 minutes and not more than that.

‘X’ symbolized kiss during 1763

The next time you write out a letter to your loved one, try writing ‘X.’ It will represent kisses. That is because way back in 1763, ‘xo’ was used traditionally to represent love and kiss. By The Washington Post, Oxford Dictionary also approves the letter ‘X’. Moreover, as millennials, you might be familiar with the recent trends where people write XOXO to suggest sending hugs and kisses virtually!


Dogs can make out the axis of the earth

Do you know that dogs can recognize the axis of the Earth? Along with some more animals, dogs too can understand the magnetic fields of the Earth. More so, they prefer to use the north-south axis point for doing personal things like going to the bathroom. There was a study conducted on 70 dogs for a long period of two years. It was seen that dogs use the north-south magnetic axis to go to the bathroom. So, we can conclude that dogs take a longer time to decide which way they want to go because they check the axis and then walk in that direction.

During Stone Age the population of Central Europe was tiny

According to the PLOS ONE journal, it was seen that the entire population of the Stone Age was less than 1500 people. So, the people of the whole place would fit into one cruise ship comfortably.

If you wish to mention a few interesting facts to talk about in your conversation with your friends, then don’t forget to mention this one!

The longest television advertisement

Do you know that the longest television advertisement was more than 14 hours? Yes! It was done by Old Spice that said that it would remain forever.

The commercial has made its way to the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest advertisement. It was put and aired on December 8 during 2018, in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Your conversation response only stays for 200 milliseconds

Do you know that your conversation gaps only last for about 200 milliseconds? Yes! It applies to all languages that include sign language too. So, the next time you make a list of all the interesting facts to talk about, don’t forget to mention this one. You can even try calculating the gap between conversations to see if the weird fun fact is true!

interesting facts to talk about

‘Keep calm and carry on’ propaganda

The British government started the slogan ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ to help the citizens remain civil amidst World War II. Later on, the slogan was used by several companies and themes for products.

William Shakespeare’s name was spelled differently

One of the most interesting facts to talk about is how William Shakespeare spelled his name. Historians are in complete confusion about how the spelling of William Shakespeare is written.

Interestingly, he was not sure himself too. The famous artist used to write his name as Willm Shakp, William Shakspeare, and Willm Shakspere.

The contemporaries of this man used 80 ways to spell his name. Some of the ways he tried are Shaxberd and Shappere.

Another interesting thing about his spelling is that he never used the ‘William Shakespeare’ in his entire life even though it is the most accepted spelling of his.

Tailgating will not speed your travel

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the year 2017 tells us that if you keep an even distance between each other, you will reach much faster. You can speed up your process more than two times if you stop tailgating.

Further, the study told us if you maintain a uniform distance between the cars, you can avoid traffic and move faster. You can indeed do nothing about the car that is behind you. But you can always maintain distance from the one in front.

“Gyrle” was the name of any child at their young age

If you think that girl is the name of young women, it was not the case in the 1300s. People used ‘gyrle’ to call any young child. There is mention of this in the Online Etymology Dictionary.

If you place a banana under a UV it will turn blue

One of the most interesting facts to talk about is the banana turning blue. We all know that bananas are yellow in color. But if you place it under a UV light or blacklight, your banana will turn blue.

According to the researchers at Columbia University in the United States and the University of Innsbruck in Austria, chlorophyll degradation is why your fruit turns into a blue glow.

Blue Banana

Performers brain works differently

Studies show that when an actor goes into the character, their brain works differently. They get into the character and behave just like them. Some studies show that brain activity works differently and behave and react differently in certain situations. The character is possessing on the actor and suppressing himself.

Eiffel Tower has an apartment inside it

The Eiffel Tower has an apartment inside it. The designer built this apartment, but neither he nor anyone else lived inside the Eiffel Tower. It does not come in a big size, but it is well-decorated. The walls have wallpaper and are decorated with wooden cabinets and grand piano. If you wish to have a look, you can always get a ticket and take a peek into this cute apartment.

The biggest pizza in the world

There is hardly anyone who does not like having pizza. And it indeed hard to give someone else a slice. But what if you get the largest pizza in the world? Doesn’t that count among the interesting facts to talk about?

Well, yes, the largest pizza in the world came in the size of 13,580 square feet. The pizza was made in Rome and has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records. Also, another fascinating thing about pizza is that it was gluten-free. The pizza was called ‘Ottavia’ after the Octavian Augustus, a Roman emperor.

The baby-like cat cries can manipulate us

One of the weirdest fun facts is that cats can manipulate us very well. Several researchers tell us that cats can manipulate us well and know how to draw our attention towards them. A study showed when a cat cries more like a child, we react towards it faster than any regular meow.

Are you wondering how did researchers know the cry is manipulative? Experts did a survey and saw that cats who live with one person in the house developed this child-like cry. When you are amongst your cat pet owners, don’t forget to mention this fun fact!

Consume Healthy Snacks

A fascinating fact to talk about is that unhealthy snacks can kill people four times as sharks in a year. This conversation is perfect for people looking forward to fitness and people who already transformed themselves.

Pringles owner has his ashes in a can

Pringle’s owner lost his life in the year 2008. And when he died, his ashes were kept in the Pringles can. Isn’t that an interesting fact to know?

Kids can drive you mad

When you are with a kid, remember to keep your aspirins handy. A four-year child asks around four hundred questions in a day. So, when you are staying with a four-year-old child, keep your medicines at hand.

Condoms are an old invention

Do you think protection is a new invention? Well, not at all! Condoms were discovered in the 1640s. And the weirdest thing is it was made with fish and animal intestines. Yuck!

Longest beard in the World

The person who had the longest beard in the world was Hans Steininger. But he died in the year 1567.

And the funniest thing about this man is that he had a beard so long that he tripped over his own beard while escaping from a fire.

Bacteria in your body

Do you know that your body has so much bacteria? Adults, on average, have around nine pounds of bacteria in the body. So, you are seconds away from sickness.

Starfish grows by themselves

Starfishes have the capability to grow their body and regrow themselves. If the starfish has only one arm, then indeed, they can grow back their limbs.

interesting facts to talk about

Excite turned down Googles offer

In 1999, Google wanted to sell their company for less than one million dollars to Excite a company. But the company did not accept the offer and later wasn’t seen in the business scenario.

The weight of humans and ants

Do you know that the weight of humans in the world is lesser than ants? Yes! If you happen to calculate the weight of all the ants in the entire world, the weight is much less than that of humans.

Basketball court in the Court

The American Supreme Court has a basketball court above it. So, when the court sessions are on, the basketball court remains closed. That is because the vibrations of the court are heart while the sessions are on in the Supreme Court.

The power of the brain

Human brains would be able to work faster than a computer. If the brain could be used as a CPU, it could work 38 thousand times faster. Isn’t that amazing?

Seahorses are the Perfect Match

You will notice seahorses remain in pairs all of the time. They tend to hold the tails and travel places. So, if you are looking for the perfect mate, seahorses are indeed one of them.


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

If you ever travel across the Pacific Ocean, you will see that there is a garbage patch. The size of the patch is equivalent to Texas’s size. Several proposals are being in talks recently to clean up the patch. But there is no progress yet. Some people prefer this as the island of garbage. Mostly the patch consists of debris, plastics, and sludge.

Asians are related to Genghis Khan

Among all the weird fun facts, this one is the best! It is seen that Asians have a high chance of being related to Genghis Khan. One in every 200 people have the chance of being related to Genghis Khan.

Related to Your Mom

The egg that has turned out to be you was in your mom when she took birth.

Final thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, you indeed have many interesting facts to talk about with your loved ones. The list of weird fun facts is never-ending. But you can always start by reading these.

Don’t forget to sit with your friends and share with them all these facts and spice up your conversation. If you are not a fun person who shares the weirdest things, the list above will help you be the one. And please let us know in the comment section below which of the fun facts you liked the best.


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