How to Respect Yourself: 15 Pro Ways To Be Happy Forever!

How to Respect Yourself

The seven-letter word comes with a lot of baggage! From day 1 you see the world with half visibility, and you begin hearing the word ‘RESPECT’. YOU MUST RESPECT YOUR parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, colleagues, and everyone around YOU. But have you ever heard anyone say to you – ‘How to Respect Yourself’! Well, I’m sure that’s not something that you’d hear very often!

With the rat race that we all are in, and of course, catering to everyone’s never-ending needs, one forgets to respect and adore themselves. Years later, when you’ll be lying on a dead bed literally counting the minutes you’re going to live, you’ll be wondering about all the little things, you’ve not done for yourself, keeping other people’s wants as your priority.

But in 2023, we wouldn’t want you to end your life with that little regret! If you’ve landed on this page and are reading this line, I’ve got some tips for you. With these simple changes you do in your life, you are sure to feel great about yourself.

How to Respect Yourself

15 Ways To Show You How To Respect Yourself!

It’s always not easy to do the things you love or end up being contented forever, and that’s exactly where you need to make minute changes in your life. But alas, it oftentimes becomes taxing and ultimately, impossible. So, to help you out, we’ve curated a list that’s carefully going to make you feel better and at the same time, get you rejuvenated. Check out the following:

1.     Look At Yourself In The Mirror & Say ‘Thank You’!

The first thing, you need to do to show how much you respect yourself, is to start by saying Thank You. All you’ll have to do is get up in the morning, look at yourself and pat yourself, tell your inner being that you’ve come a long way. For a start, you’re going to begin your day on an absolutely new note giving yourself the feeling to love yourself again.

2.     Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard!

If you want to know how to respect yourself, begin by not pushing yourself too hard. It might seem to be a tad difficult or in fact, almost impossible, but start off.

There should be one place where you start off, and believe me, it’s just the beginning. If you don’t like to do something and have been forced to do it (be it good or bad), STOP! Wait, there will come a time when you will be able to realize it yourself.

3.     Assess & Evaluate Your Goods & Bad!

Family pressures, work, grades, college pressure, and more we often suppress our wants and indulge in something more lucrative. It may or may not be good for you but most of the time we do it.

But nevertheless, to begin with, you can start evaluating yourself. Look at the good part of yourself and the bad too. It doesn’t mean you’d have to do it in front of anyone. Assessing and evaluating your good and your bad too will give you a new perspective on yourself. And that, overall, will help you understand yourself much better.

4.     Start Addressing Your Goods Over The Bad Habits!

Most of us start analyzing ourselves and mostly focus on what is bad about us. And that overall makes us depressed and not something to be proud or happy about. But here’s where we give you the trick to enjoy your life and understand the betterment.  If you’re facing a certain amount of problems within yourself, there is no way that you need to feel low. Address the good and make a list of them. Writing is a part of manifestation and that’s where you start respecting yourself.

5.     Prioritize Yourself Over Others!

Prioritizing yourself is most important and that’s where most people ignore themselves or often overlook their good parts. But here’s where you need to prioritize yourself over others and their wants. And that’s exactly where we’d want you to prioritize yourself over others. Understand what makes you happy and bring it in front of others.

It may appear that initially, you might not be appreciated or people (be it close or distant) might not want to hear these things. But eventually, if you have people around you who you love, you are surely going to pave your way.

6.     Speak Up!

As we’ve been talking about how to respect yourself and what you must do in order to go about the process, now we’ve reached a point where you need to speak about your likes and dislikes. Hiding yourself from all that you want and shying away from your desires can make you a person who is fond of acceptance. But if you wish to show respect to yourself, start speaking up.

Tell others, be it your close ones or your distant fellows about your feelings and what makes you happy. If you are not happy about certain things in your life, be honest enough to speak up.

How to Respect Yourself

7.     Be Around People You Love!

We come across a lot of people in our lives, but not everyone out there is our favorite or the ones we love. So, understand the positivity that oozes out of the other person and only then stay around them. Don’t be around people you don’t like being around. Only when you do this, you will ensure that you are respecting your inner self.

8.     Remove Negative People/Jealous People!

Most of us fail to understand who actually wishes good for us and who doesn’t. People who don’t appreciate you, or think you’re not the right opinionated person, you’re going to start to emit negativity. And that’s not good for you. Bringing negative people into your life will involve you getting into unnecessary quarrels, arguments, and problems. So, try to keep these people out of your lives as much as you can. The more they get into your life, the more you’re going to face issues. The POWER OF NEGATIVITY IS IMMENSE!

9.     What About The Things You Like Doing?

Have you ever thought that the things you like doing have taken a backseat? Have you stopped worrying about your own wants and likes over others? Well, not that you are looking out for prompt and effective ways to enhance your life, jot out the things you like doing.

Make a list of the long-lost and forgotten things that you’ve been pondering in your life and bring it out to the forefront. It’s time to look at yourself and be the happiest person in the world.

10.  Look After Your Health!

Apart from your mental health, being physically healthy is equally important. So, not that we’ve given you glimpses about how you bring your mental health into sanity, but it’s time to keep a close watch on your physical health too.

Being mentally happy involves, you being fit physically too! And that’s very very important! So, don’t forget to hit the gym, start eating healthy and of course, indulge in great habits. Having a disciplined life where health is your priority will make you respect yourself and eventually make you happier.

11.  What About The Way You Look?

Respecting yourself not only means you are happy mentally; it also means you need to prioritize your looks. Put up some loud or subtle makeup, get yourself a new pair of shoes, and brush yourself off the old self.

You are surely going to feel the perfect air of positivity and will eventually thank me later! 😉

12.  Indulge Into Great Hobbies!

Dancing, swimming, singing, reading, fishing, watching movies, or anything you like to do? Brush yourself off, and try to make out the list of things you haven’t been doing for such a long time.

If need be, and you think to yourself that those were the hobbies that were done by you when you were young, or you’ve grown out of it. Think of new things! We all grow up and it’s natural to not like things we would at one point. Discover the NEW YOU and go conquer the world.

13.  What About A Vacation?

When was the last time you went to a place you liked or wanted to visit? It’ll either be to freshen up your parents, to please your boyfriend, to engage with your kids, the colleagues have voted for it, or just because you promised your friends a destination many years back. Leave these circumstances, and give yourself a thought about where you want to be or imagine yourself to be! Enough of the social bindings! Go and plan out a vacation where you want to see yourself. And trust me, you’ll come back being a different person.

14.  Don’t People Let Take Advantage Of You!

Now that you’re aware of what you must do, and how you must look after yourself and your mental state, be sure not to make yourself vulnerable. Respecting yourself means not allowing other people to take advantage of your situation and that’s a very important thing you must ensure. When you are happy and out & about the world might seem a better place but not the strangers around you. Don’t indulge in bad company and make your self-esteem suffer!

15.  Change Your Profession If YOU REALLY WANT!

Now as I’ve reached the last point about how you must respect yourself, this is where I would want to conclude. Try out a new profession if this is not something you want to do. However, it might be a challenging decision and it might not be possible all the time. However, you can always give it a shot without affecting the major priorities of your life.

How to Respect Yourself

Conclusive Insights

With this, I bring you the close end to my blog that talks about how to respect yourself and most importantly, be happy and content. It’s not easy to take major decisions in your life with the uncertainty and the consequences you would have to face. However, taking baby steps will help you understand your surroundings better and eventually it will give you a clear vision about what’s best for you.

Conclusively, don’t forget to let me know in the comment section below what you feel about the article!


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