Serhii Tokarev and SET University: WE.Brave Bootcamp to Propel Women-led Startups to Success


In a significant move towards fostering gender diversity and empowering women in entrepreneurship, Serhii Tokarev, an IT entrepreneur, investor, and co-founder of the investment group Roosh and SET University, has unveiled the WE.Brave Bootcamp in collaboration with SET University and the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine. This two-week online program, set to run from March 11th to March 22nd, is a strategic effort to address the challenges faced by women in climbing the career ladder and starting their own businesses in Ukraine.

On Facebook, Serhii Tokarev highlighted the alarming statistics surrounding the representation of women on FTSE 350 boards, emphasizing the need for a change in Ukraine’s business landscape. He expressed his commitment to supporting female leaders and founders through the WE.Brave Bootcamp, focusing on startups with a significant female presence in their core teams or founded by women.

Proficiency in English at, at least, the Upper-Intermediate level and a commitment to developing the startup post-bootcamp are also prerequisites for participation.

WE.Brave aims to offer participants an immersive experience, featuring six hours of daily training covering crucial aspects such as MVP development, market analysis, financial planning, branding, marketing, and team management. The top-performing startups will receive an additional budget of $6,500 for business development consulting, providing a tangible incentive for participants to excel in the program.

In her LinkedIn post, SET University President Iryna Volnytska expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, highlighting the opportunity for women to gain practical knowledge and skills essential for success in the technology business. The bootcamp, conducted entirely online, allows participants to join from anywhere, making this program accessible to women across Ukraine.

WE.Brave stands as a testament to Serhii Tokarev’s dedication to supporting women in business and SET University’s commitment to providing accessible IT education during challenging times.

SET University is a Ukrainian educational institution founded by IT entrepreneur Serhii Tokarev and the Kyiv School of Economics, providing higher education to future leaders in the technology industry. SET University combines a modern approach to education with a focus on technology and entrepreneurship. Since the beginning of the war, the SET team has been focused on providing accessible IT education for all Ukrainians, supporting startups, and providing humanitarian aid.

The USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine supports Ukrainian businesses to enhance competitiveness in the domestic market and international markets, helps build a simplified and transparent business climate, and provides Ukrainian companies with opportunities to benefit from the advantages of international trade.


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