Cleaning Older Sewer Lines Without Damaging Them


No one wants to deal with a sewer, which is why, for centuries, sewer lines have been hidden in walls and floors as the water and material exit the home. However, no matter how well built, all sewer lines can clog. When they do, they can create serious problems back inside the home and require manual repair.

Common Problems in Older Homes

Residential sewer problems typically happen in older homes that have been used for decades without any maintenance. After a good number of years of everything from food to material to hair and normal plumbing use goes down the pipes, residual can build up and clog in the sewer line. While the primary exit line from a home tends to be much larger than the single, smaller pipes exiting from a toilet or tub, for example, even those large pipes can clog up over time due to the fact that they don’t realize regular and constant water flow. The amount of liquid that comes from a toilet flush or even a tub is usually not enough to fully flush the line and move material down and away from the home into the municipal line.

Alternatively, the environment near the home may not help either. Trees and bushes with aggressive roots have been known to find ways to penetrate sewer pipes looking for moisture. Once inside, the roots can create a netting effect, capturing debris and creating clogs as well.

Finally, homes with a sewer reservoir and leach field may back up when the tanks are full and the water has nowhere to go to exit the home. Again, the blockage can create significant damage to the home if the backup is not contained right away.

Hydro Jetting as a Solution

Assuming a sewer system is flowing and the blockage is limited and can be moved with enough hydro pressure, a sewer hydro jetting service treatment can effectively clean out a sewer line and improve its efficiency dramatically.

Water pressure applied with jetters works through a sewer line and not only breaks up the coagulated residue, the pressure also pushes the material down the line so that it stays removed from the affected home. Additionally, if possible, a vacuum is applied on the other end temporarily to pull and remove the material out of the line altogether so that it doesn’t create yet another blockage further down. Hydro jetting pressure is particularly effective on hard foreign material, construction waste, tree roots, collected hair and organic matter, and frozen pipes. After a snake camera is run down the sewer line to confirm the problem, the jetters can be aimed and applied with targeted procession on the blockage. A cleared line immediately functions better, and the risk of a blockage or line failure is minimized tremendously.

Regular Treatment Minimizes Problems Greatly

With regular flushing treatment, any new material starting to develop into a blockage can be removed quickly and effectively. The result is a home sewer system that works reliably around the clock and through every season, regardless of the outside temperature. There is simply no ability for a blockage to occur with the hard material flushed periodically and removed from coagulation and collection.

Homes don’t repair themselves over time, and sewer lines can be a messy business when it comes to repair and recovery. With a bit of prevention, a homeowner never has to deal with that kind of problem and can instead rely on their sewer system to work as expected. Scheduling a sewer hydro jetting service at least once a year is a really smart idea and will save a homeowner thousands down the road by avoiding a sewer line replacement.


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