How to Get Bedriftslån Uten Sikkerhet or Business Loan Without Collateral?


New to the field of business? Then get the funds that you need through loans. However, it is extremely hard to get approved when you have not built financial stability or have established your credit score as a company. Fortunately, online platforms are there to help where you can apply for a business loan that will help you expand, get more inventory, or add equipment so you can become thriving.

Invoices, credit lines, and merchant cash advances are all types of business loans. The annual percentage rates will be different from one lender to another, but one thing is for sure, you will have to repay the owed amount with the added interest pm the due date.

Lending agreements can be done through credit unions, banks, peers, and private institutions. When the funds arrive at the borrower’s nominated bank account, they can use this as capital to start their operations or fund a new venture that can result in profits. Specifically, they are used for advertising campaigns and materials to promote a business and make it more visible to customers.

Reserve funds are utilized as liquid cash flow and they may also be great for refinancing and consolidation for lower interest rates. Get options when you click forbrukslåån-til-bedrift and see information about bank loans without collateral.

Different Types Available

Term Loans

Businesses may get awarded lump sum amounts after they are approved for a term loan. Amounts may vary from $10,000 to $1 million and the annual percentage rates may be from 5% to as high as 99%. Variable APRs are common, and the figures will vary according to the market.

Just like financing a car, you will have to follow a fixed due date to repay what you owe. At the start, most of the payments will go to the interest, but this will slowly transition to the principal as time goes by. Charges for early repayment may apply especially if the lender does not allow these. Owners may use the funds to purchase additional stocks, renovate their restaurants, purchase another land for expansion, or refinance their debts.

An example is that the amount of a hundred thousand dollars with 20% repayment can be pegged at a fixed $2600 due each month. Total extra expenses for origination fees can be up to $58,000. They can be short-term ones that will only last for 12 months allowing the company to get out of debt faster and realize returns, or they can be long-term types.

Lump sum amounts in cash can be transferred electronically to you, and this will take a few weeks when you borrow from online lenders. This is a great alternative for those who have established a good credit history and think it is the right time for them to get the funding they need.


Small Business Administration and other cooperatives may help start-ups, and they guarantee a loan offered by financial institutions. Repayment periods for real estate purchases can last up to 25 years like a traditional mortgage, and a working capital of $5 million can be borrowed with a reasonable term. Read more about an SBA on this page.

They are guaranteed by the government but consider yourself incredibly lucky if you qualify. Those who want unsecured options may look at online lending companies that require only a minimum score of 500.

However, you need to have a gross sale of at least $10,000 to $15,000 each month, and you should already be running the company for at least six months without bankruptcy cases in the past year. They are low-cost options, but the committee that approves and sorts through the application can be strict. Shorter terms on your chosen debt may result in higher monthly payments, but they are great when you do not want to use the leverage and get out of debt faster.

Lines of Credit

Borrowing with flexibility is allowed through the extended line of credit where you get the chance to make purchases for short-term inventory and have cash for daily expenses. It acts as a cushion financially, but the interest rate will accumulate if you cannot pay the full amount, and late fees can be incurred for those who cannot meet the minimum dues.

Credit cards created for businesses are unsecured, and this means that the risks are always on the part of the lending institution. Because of this, they tend to charge a lot of fees and higher APR. For those who are waiting for receivables and waiting for the clients to pay back the items or services rendered, the owners may need lines of credit in the meantime.

With income statements, balance sheets, and bank statements, you can start the application process and get approved when the figures meet the minimum requirements. Make sure that you can keep afloat above a certain debt level and get your finances in order so you can be approved for a higher limit.

Specific-Equipment Debt

Businesses may need trucks and vehicles to deliver their products faster or provide services to customers who are far from their area. Some will use the equipment for rental purposes. If this is the case, light trucks, and van financing may be ideal because you can build equity on the new purchases. When you have the finances to show for them and an excellent credit rating which you can see more about at this link  you’ll get more competitive rates.

This kind of debt obligation will require the approval of the company executives, and they will require the procurement department to obtain the best deals and financing terms possible. In some deals, the equipment will serve as collateral, and a sizeable down payment is required similar to an entrepreneur purchasing a home. When considering this option, it is essential to examine the balance sheet of the business and if leasing is an option.

Terms will range from a year or longer, and the interest rates can be from 4% to 50% depending on the financier. Determining factors will include how long the business has been operating, the value of the equipment that you want to buy, current market rates, and the creditworthiness of the owner.

Purchasing may be a good option for many compared to leasing because after the entire debt has been paid off, then the vehicle becomes an asset that can last for decades. When there is a need for additional cash down the road, the truck can serve as collateral when applying for a hefty sum of loans. 

Unpaid Invoices

Companies may have unpaid invoices that will take about two months to get paid by their customers. If this is the situation, get the cash that you need with the help of an invoice factoring company. This results in easier approval compared to banks. However, they are rather costly, and you lose control over those receivables.

Fast cash is also possible when you decide to sell the receipts to the company. Get an advance by utilizing the invoice as collateral, and the borrowers will not know that there is already financing available. However, know that payment collection is still your responsibility, and you maintain control over the invoices, so read the terms before signing this.

The Application Process

  1. Evaluate if you are Qualified

Before choosing a lending company, run the figures and see if you are qualified for their offers. Both personal and business credit ratings are taken into consideration, and online platforms may provide you with more lenient options compared to banks.

  1. Revenue for the Entire Year

Get a copy of your annual returns and revenues and ensure that you meet the monthly required figure. Others will want at least $100,000, and some may prefer a minimum of $500,000. It depends, but if you are still new, you might want to consider other financing options for a better chance of qualifying.

  1. Industry and Size

Beauty and restaurant businesses are considered to be high-risk due to inconsistencies in revenues. Other financiers may even refuse to work with other industries like gambling, drug dispensaries, and adult entertainment, so read the terms first. If you have a lot of employees and a for-profit company, get a better chance of being approved.



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