Hiring An Attorney If You’ve Been Injured


If you’ve been in an auto accident, one of the most important steps you can take is to hire a Florida law firm to represent you. Now many people are hesitant to hire an attorney after some accidents, feeling that the matter is rather easy to understand and that the insurance company will handle it. This is especially true in minor accidents that are free of injury. However, even minor traffic incidents can be far more complex than they first appear to be. On a fundamental level, when you hire an attorney you have experienced advice to help guide your case, deal with the details, and advise you on a proper solution. There are also several other reasons why hiring an attorney is a good idea if you have been in an auto accident.

Reason To Hire An Attorney After An Accident

  • You Have Been Injured: injuries are a common concern when you are in an automobile accident and can vary greatly in severity and type. When you have been injured through no fault of your own, you deserve to be compensated for the losses and damages you have suffered. An attorney can help you not only know what you should be compensated for but help you receive a judgment in your favor. Injuries can result in an assortment of expenses including loss of earnings, medical care, recovery expenses, long-term care, and more. When you’ve been hurt, your focus should be on recovery while your attorney fights for fair compensation.
  • Establishing Liability: in some cases establishing who was responsible for an accident. Auto accidents are often sudden events and knowing exactly what has happened can require outside assistance. By hiring an attorney, you have professional assistance in proving your innocence. Your lawyer will collect vital evidence such as the police report, medical records, professional analysis, and witness statements. Proof of liability proves your case is legitimate.
  • Insurance Companies: insurance companies can be hard to work with and will often seek to close a case by paying out as little as possible. What you are rightly due and what an insurance company offers will often vary greatly. An attorney knows the law and can negotiate a fair settlement with an insurance company. In addition, this allows you time to focus on your recovery instead of having to answer phone calls or submit documentation.
  • Dealing With The Court System: while many auto accidents end in a settlement from insurance providers or the other party, this is not always the outcome. Sometimes a court case is needed to recover what you are rightly owed. Defending yourself before the court and proving your case is an involved and complex process and for that, you need expert legal representation.
  • Correct Settlement Calculation: when you’ve been hurt your finances are impacted in many ways. This includes medical bills and other expenses such as loss of wages, reduced earning potential, psychological distress, and other impacting factors. An attorney knows exactly what to claim in a settlement and how much to ask for from either an insurance company or another liable party.

Auto accidents can be stressful and at times life-changing events. You shouldn’t have to deal with the stress of a legal settlement alongside your physical and mental recovery. By hiring an attorney, you have the support and legal expertise you need to see these events through.


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