Why Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Intense is Perfect for a Night Out


Are you going on a night out with your mates? Maybe you are going for a few drinks and want to have a laugh. Perhaps you are heading to a nightclub, and make sure you are dressed to impress. Either way, you want to make sure you feel and look good. One way you can boost your confidence is by wearing the right fragrance.

There are many perfumes out there for men that can make you feel a range of emotions. From giving you a confidence boost and allowing you to enjoy your masculinity to feeling sexy and mysterious, there is a fragrance out there for everyone.

If you are searching for a good night-out perfume, many men recommend Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Intense. Here is a guide on everything you need to know about this scent. 

Rejuvenating Top Notes

The top notes of a fragrance hit you instantly. They are the first ingredients you notice when you apply a fragrance to your skin, so you want them to be rejuvenating and energising. They are able to set the tone for your night out. Indeed, the top notes of Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Intense are going to make you feel confident and energised for your night out. This means you can start with high energy and be ready to see where the night will take you with your friends.

First, there is bergamot and juicy pear. Together, they create a burst of goodness. We are talking about being sweet and fruity but also citrus and refreshing. It is a good combination to give you an instant hit of good energy. Then, there is the interesting inclusion of black lavender. This blends together hints of a woody scent, as well as freshness. You will also find mint as a top note in Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Intense. Together, this is fresh and enjoyable, hyping you up for a night out. To get Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Intense 75 ml pack, visit Questmoor Pharmacy. You can enjoy a great price and be ready for your next night out on the town.

Masculine Middle and Base Notes

It is not just the top notes that matter when it comes to a men’s fragrance. You also have to look at the middle and base notes to learn more about what the experience will be like. So, let’s consider the middle notes first. We are talking about the inclusion of cumin, cinnamon and clary sage. We love this combination, as it gives you a spicy kick and makes you feel confident and sexy. Cumin is a spicy and woody note at the same, which is typical of a masculine fragrance. Then, cinnamon is also spicy and gives warmth too. Then, there still remains some freshness and a hint of sweetness with clary sage.

Next, you have the base notes of Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Intense. These are the notes that are going to hit you last and many hours into your night out. Of course, since you still want to smell good at this point in the night, it is important to see what notes are included. Well, you will find the following; black Aztec flower, black vanilla, amber, cedar and patchouli. Together the black vanilla, cedar and amber create a woody and masculine scent. Indeed they can feel powerful to wear. There are spicy hints in Aztec flower, as well as patchouli adding some musk into the mix. Together, this is just what men want to wear.

A Refreshing Eau de Toilette

Before a night out, you want to feel excited and ready to have fun with your friends. This is an opportunity for you to let loose and enjoy yourself. You might have had a long week at work or feel like you have not let your hair down recently. A night out can be just what you need to round off your week.

Often, the excitement of a night out starts before you even leave the house. You want to get a shower, put on clothes that make you feel good and make sure that you smell great. So, this calls for a fragrance. Most men agree that they are looking for an energising fragrance that does not feel heavy and, instead, gives them a new lease on life.

Well, this is where Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Intense comes in. This is known as a refreshing Eau de Toilette, which is just what men are looking for. The scents mean that it bursts with enthusiasm when it hits the skin. What’s more, being an Eau de Toilette, means that it is revitalising and lightweight. You can enjoy the fragrance for several hours without it being overpowering.


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