Why Free Comedy Nights Are Not What They Are Cracked Up to Be


So, it is a Saturday night, and you are looking for something fun to do with friends. You have seen some free comedy nights advertised online and you are interested in going. After all, it is free, right? What could go wrong?

 There is no getting away from the fact that it can feel great to get a bargain. When events are advertised as free, that is usually part of their appeal. You are not paying anything to enjoy them. But, you have to realise that not everything that is free is going to be such a great deal. You can end up paying with your time.

Indeed, anyone that is interested in going to a comedy show should know that the free gigs are not always what they are cracked up to be. Indeed, the joke could be on you for going. Let’s take a look at why.

Amateur Stand-Up Comedy

Something you have to ask yourself is, why is a comedy show free? There are several reasons for this. It could be for charity or to give people a shot at trying stand-up comedy for themselves. Either way, you can expect shows to be amateur and less professional than ones you would pay for at a comedy club. This is just the reality of something that is free. Often, it is like this for a reason.

Some people might enjoy a free comedy show. But, for those that are looking for good stand-up comedy with professionals that know what they are doing, this is not going to be the best experience. Instead, you are better off going to a comedy club like Comedy Carnival. They arrange shows in Leicester Square, Camden and Covent Garden with popular stand-up comedians. Indeed, they are the best in the industry and are used to playing for live crowds. Comedy lovers have a fantastic evening there.

Disorganised Shows

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to a comedy show. Indeed, this includes a lot of planning and organisation behind the scenes to ensure a show goes to plan. It has to be seamless for the audience and transition from one act to the other to keep you engaged. Often, you do not realise how much organisation goes into the show until you see one where it is lacking. 

Unfortunately, free shows can often be chaotic and disorganised. They do not have the team and production that comedy clubs invest in. So, this often shows on the night. Things can feel rushed, there can be awkward transitions, and this affects your overall experience. If you have expectations, you might leave disappointed.

No Plan with Seating

As we have mentioned, there is a lot of organisation that goes into a comedy show. Not only is this about the show itself, but it also includes the audience. For example, most comedy clubs are great at getting all of the audience in on time and finding suitable seats for the parties, keeping people together with their loved ones. But, the same cannot be said about all free shows.

Indeed, the focus is on providing a free comedy show. It is not all about the overall experience. You run the risk of not getting a seat next to your friends or a seat at all if the show is busy. It will often be a free-for-all, which might not be the enjoyable and carefree night you were looking for.

No Available Packages

Of course, the reason that people are enticed to a free comedy night is that it will not cost anything to get in. But, there are others that are looking for an enjoyable experience with their friends and family. They are searching for packages that can include dinner and having a great few hours with loved ones. Indeed, this is something that is not on offer with free shows. The point is that you see the show and that is it.

This is where it pays to go to a ticketed comedy club. They are professionally run and they know that the audience is looking for a good experience. This does not just include the acts they are seeing. It also means before and after the show. Indeed, there are different tickets on offer and this often includes a package with dinner. This allows you to socialise with your friends and family before, as well as have a guaranteed reservation. The whole experience is more organised and enjoyable.


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