UFO Complete Plastics Kit: A Comprehensive Choice for Dirt Bike Refresh


Introduction to UFO Plastics

UFO Plastics has been a leading option in the motocross and dirt bike industry, known for its high-quality plastic components. Their Complete UFO Complete Plastics Kit is a popular choice among riders looking to give an awesome look to their bikes.

Compatibility with Brands

UFO’s Complete Plastics Kits are designed to cater to a wide range of dirt bike brands, including but not limited to:

  • Honda: Known for their CRF series, UFO provides kits that are tailored to fit these models perfectly.
  • Yamaha: With specific kits for the YZ series, UFO ensures that Yamaha riders can also enjoy a fresh look.
  • Kawasaki: The KX series from Kawasaki hasn’t been left out, with UFO offering kits that seamlessly fit these bikes.
  • Suzuki: RM and RMZ riders can find UFO kits designed specifically for these models.
  • KTM: UFO also covers a wide range of KTM models, ensuring that owners of these popular bikes have access to high-quality plastics.


Who uses these kits?

Professional Racers: Many professional motocross and dirt bike racers use UFO plastic kits for their high-quality and durability. These kits help them maintain a sleek and professional appearance for their bikes while ensuring the plastics can withstand the rigors of competitive racing.


Amateur and Hobbyist Riders: Hobbyists and amateur riders who enjoy dirt biking as a recreational activity also use UFO kits. These riders often look for ways to personalize their bikes or replace worn-out parts, making UFO plastics a popular choice for their affordability and wide range of options.


Dirt Bike Enthusiasts and Collectors: Individuals who collect or restore dirt bikes often use UFO plastic kits to refurbish older models or to give a unique look to their bikes. The wide variety of colors and styles available makes these kits appealing for restoration projects.


Dirt Bike Clubs and Groups: Riding clubs and groups, which often have a mix of amateur and seasoned riders, might use UFO plastics for uniformity in their bikes’ appearance, especially when participating in group events or shows.


Mechanics and Repair Shops: Professionals in bike repair and maintenance services use UFO kits to repair or upgrade clients’ bikes. Since these kits are available for a wide range of bike models and are known for their quality, they are a go-to option for many mechanics.


Motocross Training Schools: These schools, which train new riders in the skills of motocross and dirt biking, may use UFO plastics for their fleet of training bikes. The durability of these kits makes them suitable for bikes that are used extensively by learners.


FAQ about UFO Complete Plastics Kit

What does the UFO Complete Plastics Kit include?

The kit typically includes all the major plastic components required for a full makeover. This includes the front and rear fenders, side panels, radiator shrouds, and often the front number plate.

Are UFO plastics durable? 

Yes, UFO is known for its durability. The plastics are made from high-quality materials designed to withstand the rigors of dirt biking.

Can I find a kit that matches my bike’s original color scheme? 

Absolutely. UFO offers a range of color options, including OEM colors to match your bike’s original scheme.

Is the installation process difficult? 

The installation process is straightforward, especially if you have basic mechanical skills. The kits come with all the necessary parts and can be fitted in most garages using common tools.

Can I customize the plastic kit? 

While the kits come in pre-defined colors and designs, you can add custom graphics and stickers to personalize your bike further.

Are UFO plastic kits expensive? 

The cost varies depending on the model and specific kit, but UFO offers competitive pricing, making them a cost-effective choice for refreshing your dirt bike.


The UFO Complete Plastics Kit is an excellent choice for dirt bike enthusiasts looking to give their bikes a fresh, new look. 

With its wide compatibility range, durable materials, and various color options, it caters to a broad spectrum of riders seeking functionality and style in their dirt bike renovation.




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