Modern trends in Indian saree fashion and styling: Don’t Miss out on this!


The saree is a traditional garment in Indian fashion and culture, and throughout the course of its history, it has undergone a great deal of innovation and change. The saree has developed through time to accommodate the desires of modern-day women and may now be worn in a variety of ways, ranging from classic draping methods to more modern fusion sarees. In this post, we will discuss the most recent developments in saree design and style, which have piqued the interest of fashion fans all across India and the rest of the globe.

Fusion Sarees:

The saree known as the fusion saree combines traditional and contemporary design elements into a single garment. In recent years, this kind of saree has gained considerable popularity. The drapery and textiles used to make these indian wedding sarees are traditional, but they have been updated with contemporary cuts, designs, and decorations. The dhoti saree, the gown-style saree, and the pant-style saree are examples of some of the most well-known types of fusion sarees.

  1. Dhoti Saree: The dhoti saree is a hybrid garment that is created by combining a dhoti and a saree and is then draped in a distinctive manner. It entails draping the saree in a pant-style manner, with the pleats at the back and the pallu falling over the shoulder. The dhoti saree has quickly established itself as a go-to option for trend-conscious ladies who are interested in enhancing their appearance via the use of novel clothing combinations.
  2. Pant-Style Saree: The pant-style saree is a contemporary adaptation of the classic saree, which entails wearing a saree with a pant instead of a petticoat. This is a more recent trend in the saree industry. Since it is simple to put on and has a comfortable fit, this is a great option for fashionable ladies who do not want to sacrifice their comfort for the sake of looking fashionable.
  3. Gown-Style Saree: The gown-style saree is a fusion of a gown and a saree, and it is ideal for ladies who want to make a fashion statement. d. Traditional Saree: A traditional saree is a long, draped garment that is tied at the waist. It entails draping the saree in such a manner that it takes on the appearance of a gown, complete with a close-fitting bodice and an expansive skirt. Because of its refined nature and sophisticated appearance, this fashion is often selected for nighttime occasions.

 Pre-Stitched Sarees 

Women who have difficulty draping the saree may find it helpful to purchase pre-stitched sarees as an alternative that is more convenient. These indian wedding sarees come with pleats pre-stitched, which makes them simple to put on and gives the wearer the freedom to move freely while they are wearing them. There are several other types of pre-stitched sarees that may be purchased, such as the dhoti indian wedding sarees, the pant-style saree, and the gown-style saree.

  1. Saree in the Style of a Lehenga: A saree in the form of a lehenga is a kind of pre-stitched saree that resembles a lehenga and consists of a skirt and a dupatta. b. Saree in the Style of a Kanjeevaram: A kanjeevaram saree is a type It is the ideal solution for ladies who wish to wear a saree but are not confident in their ability to drape one in the conventional manner.
  2. Cape-Style Saree: The cape-style saree is a pre-stitched version of the traditional saree that comes with a cape rather than a blouse. It is possible to create the cape in a number of different designs, such as a full-length cape or a short cape, which will give it the appearance of being contemporary and fashionable.
  3. Saree in the Form of a Jacket: The saree in the style of a jacket is a pre-stitched saree that comes with a jacket as opposed to a blouse. It is possible to create the jacket in a number of different designs, such as a long jacket or a short jacket, giving it the appearance of being contemporary and fashionable.

Contemporary prints 

In recent years, modern patterns and decorations have been extremely popular, and indian wedding sarees have long been recognized for its elaborate designs and embellishments. But, in recent years, contemporary prints and embellishments have become quite fashionable. The terms “geometric prints,” “digital prints,” and “abstract prints” are examples of some of the most popular types of prints, while some of the most common types of embellishments include beads, embroidery, and sequins.

  1. Digital Prints: Digital prints are a contemporary rendition of conventional prints, and they are generated by employing digital technology. They constitute the silk, chiffon, and georgette are just some of the materials that may be used to print these designs, which make them more bright and intricate. Women who wish to wear sarees but want to have a more contemporary and on-trend appearance often choose for those that contain digital designs.
  2. Abstract Prints: Women who wish to wear indian wedding sarees that have a modern and one-of-a-kind appearance often choose for abstract patterns as their pattern of choice. They are produced using a wide range of geometric forms, color palettes, and surface patterns, and they may be printed on a variety of materials. Women who are interested in experimenting with their appearance and standing out from the crowd will find that abstract prints are an excellent choice.
  3. Sequins and Beads: Sequins and beads are popular embellishments that are used to lend a touch of glamour to the saree. They are versatile and may be applied to a variety of areas of the saree, such as the border, the pallu, and the blouse. They can also be utilized to create elaborate designs and patterns. Sequins and beads are the ideal accessories for ladies who wish to add a glimmer of shimmer to their style.

Styles of Modern Draping 

 In recent years, the traditional ways of draping the indian wedding sarees have experienced various modifications, and in their place, current draping techniques have emerged as highly fashionable. The mermaid-style drape, the butterfly-style drape, and the one-shoulder drape are just a few of the fashionable contemporary draping designs that are now in use.

  1. Mermaid-Style Drape: The mermaid-style drape is a contemporary take of the classic saree drape. It entails pleating the saree in such a manner that it mimics the tail of a mermaid. This look is ideal for fashionable ladies who want to exude a little bit of glitz and glamour in their appearance.
  2. Drape in the Style of a Butterfly: The drape in the style of a butterfly entails pleating the saree in such a manner that it mimics the wings of a butterfly. Women who desire to wear indian wedding sarees but like to have a modern and distinctive appearance in doing so will find that this design is ideal. Cbazaar recruits designers from all over the world in order to provide you access to a diverse range of design styles and fashion trends.


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