Glam up this festive season with weaved Chanderi sarees

Chanderi Sarees

A large selection of ethnic clothing available today of the current fashion can make you feel stylish, beautiful, and like a fashionista all at once. Chanderi saree is a classic ethnic silk fabric frequently admired as weaved sarees. They are always in demand since they are appropriate for many events, including weddings and festivals.


Some think Shishupal, Lord Krishna’s cousin, invented the Chanderi fabric, which has been around since the Vedic era. It is regarded as one of the most outstanding handwoven fabrics in recent memory. The Scindia royal family weaved the golden thread design work into cotton muslin sarees in 1910.

Chanderi weavers used Japanese silk in Madhya Pradesh to replace the cotton saree warps when the Chanderi silk variant was first introduced in the 1930s. The fabric was formerly made using handspun cotton for the warps and wefts. The fabric changed in the 1980s.
The weavers in the Chanderi town switched over the hand-spun yarns for mill-made yarns. During the Mughal era, it attained new heights of popularity. All around India, it became the queen’s favoured option.

Making of Chanderi sarees

Three types of cloth are used to make Chanderi sarees

  1. Pure silk
  2. Chanderi cotton
  3. Silk cotton.

Different Chanderi patterns incorporate traditional coins, floral art, peacocks, and contemporary geometric patterns. The sarees are among the best in India and are renowned for their luxurious needlework, rich silk, gold and silver brocade, or zari.
Today, these royal Chanderi silk sarees are still a favorite among Indian nobility because they are timelessly elegant yet remain stylishly modern at the same time.

Exclusive texture & design

As famous as the Muslins of Dhaka, Chanderi fabric was first made using handspun cotton yarn as fine as 300 counts. A unique root known as the Kolikanda was used to produce the fine-count cotton for Chanderi. It provided the fabric with a shiny sheen while being light and durable.

Silk and golden zari are woven into cotton yarn to create Chanderi fabric, which has a shimmering quality. Fabric made from Chanderi silk is renowned for its exquisite texture, transparency, and excellent use in art and design. The Chanderi fabric’s buttis and motifs are hand woven using needles and a handloom.

Experience the luxurious and lovely fabric by purchasing soft Chanderi sarees online from shopping websites like Taneira. It is hassle-free to wear and looks beautiful for every occasion. It is one of the cool-wearing saree kinds, making it perfect for the scorching summers in India.

A Few Advantages Of Adding New Chanderi Sarees To Your Wardrobe

Take On A Royal And Elegant Look

Both silk and cotton, two typical textiles, are woven into Chanderi sarees, exhibiting a regal appearance. The fabric has a traditional feel that makes it appropriate for various settings. Select a saree with front box pleats that are wide to show off your ethereal side. If you drape it correctly, you’ll look stunning.

Select From a Vast Selection of Chanderi Sarees

You can pick Chanderi cotton sarees that best meet your needs from a vast selection of cotton fabrics used to construct these sarees. The patterns and methods used to embroider the designs are varied. You can select your favorite Chanderi sarees from a large selection of Chanderi cotton sarees and Chanderi silk sarees – found in various colours.
Everywhere you turn, Chanderi sarees are draped.

It’s time to dispel the idea that Chanderi silk sarees are exclusively appropriate for wearing to wedding ceremonies. Chanderi silk sarees can be the ideal attire when attending any evening events or wedding. The fabric is fantastic, giving you the chance to seem glamorous.


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