3 Ways to Impress Your Guests with a Simple Jenga Game


The game of Jenga launched out into the world in 1983, a mere 50 years ago and it has been capturing hearts around the globe since. 

While it sometimes requires skills and intelligence, it’s loads of fun for all ages and literally anyone can play. 

The Jenga game became an immediate classic. It’s a favorite at backyard BBQs, weddings, and family game nights alike. The Jenga game appeals to the inner child’s desire to build, socialize, and most importantly, have fun. 

Buy a Unique Jenga Game That’s Entertaining

You can buy a cookie cutter Jenga game from a big box retailer but there’s nothing impressive about that. Impressing your guests begins with purchasing a unique Jenga game. Like one that allows your guests to build a mountain while you’re actually playing the game. Yes, cool designs like that do exist. But, you’ll probably need to purchase your Jenga game online to find entertaining versions like that.

Real Wood Blocks

The pieces of this Jenga game are individually crafted in real mahogany wood. You’ll notice the subtle smell of mahogany calling to you as you unpack the game. This Jenga game with the mountain puzzle detail is beautifully crafted of the highest quality materials. These aren’t your little brothers blocks and you’ll be able to tell the difference from the first time you play. Oversized Jenga games are all the rave right now. Companies are even renting them out for parties and special occasions. This gorgeous mahogany Jenga game stands a towering 2 feet tall and it’s true to life. 

Make Sure it Comes with a Convenient, Neat Carrying Case 

Many times when you purchase a Jenga game it comes in that little cardboard box. The box looks neat and tidy until you unpack the game the first time. After a few family game nights that little cardboard box is torn and falling apart. Not only is it unimpressive, you’ll probably want to keep it tucked away out of sight. Besides that, it seems that all the pieces never quite fit back in the box and before you know it you’re missing a piece or two. 

Impressing your guests starts with purchasing a Jenga game that comes with a really convenient, neat carrying case. This will not only keep your Jenga game neatly tucked away when not in use, but it will make it much easier to transport and play on the go. Owning a beautifully crafted Jenga game with a premium carrying case backpack will ensure that you’re always the life of the party. People will look forward to seeing your family show up at get togethers with this premium Jenga game over your shoulder in its carrying case. 

Impressing Guests with a Simple Jenga Game

Here’s the thing, it’s a little more than a simple Jenga game and you’d be hard pressed to find another like it. It’s oversized, which is unusual. It is gorgeously crafted from premium mahogany wood which is totally out of the ordinary and it has the beautiful mountain puzzle finish which makes it one of a kind. Besides that, it comes with a convenient, neat carrying case for easy transport. This unique yet simple Jenga game will certainly impress guests for years to come. 


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