Things To Keep In Mind While Ordering Custom-Made Jewelry


A custom-made piece of jewelry, in simple words, is a unique jewelry piece that defines your personal style and fits into your budget. Today, custom-made jewelry is becoming the first choice of millennials. Gone are when you would be stuck with an old piece of jewelry without knowing how to personalize it as per your style.

Today a custom jewelry manufacturer can offer extensive choices in terms of the design or in terms of the materials that go into making the unique piece.

This article lists some common tips to keep in mind while purchasing customized jewelry.

7 Tips That Will Make Your Custom-Made Jewelry Buying Experience Smooth

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are going to order custom jewelry if you do not be disappointed with the final piece of jewelry. Continue reading to know more about the timeline, the budget and the research work that goes into a smooth custom-jewelry buying experience.

Know The Basic Of Jewelry Designing

When you are about to order a customized piece of jewelry, you have to give input to the jeweler so that the final piece reflects your personal style. However, you will not be able to comprehend what a jeweler says unless you know some basic details about jewelry making. 

So you must know some basics, like metals like gold are usually categorized based on their purity. So 24 Karat gold is 100% pure gold, but this type is rarely used for making jewelry. 

The other varieties, like 22 Karat and 18 Karat, are used for jewelry making as they contain a mix of metals apart from gold and are more sturdy than pure gold.

Again, you must know the worth of a diamond depends on many factors like the shade of the stone, how clear the stone is etc. If you know the basics jargon associated with jewelry making, you will find it much easier to convey your thoughts and ideas to the designer. Most modern shops also use technological innovations like computer-assisted designing (CAD) and virtual try-on sessions, which help you make a well-informed choice. 

Read Up About The Reputation Of The Designer

If you are spending money on getting a piece of jewelry that defines you, then you must check out the designer’s reputation. 

Read about past customers’ experiences, their best designs, etc. You should arrange a one-on-one appointment only if you are satisfied with their craft and after-sales service.

Be Prepared For The Appointment With The Designer

Buying a customized piece is quite different from purchasing a readymade piece from the shop. For customizing a piece as per your choice, you have to give details of your preference to the designer. 

If you have your heart set on a piece you saw in your favorite celebrity sport, then take a picture with you. If you do not have a specific design, give the designer a list of things that would absolutely want to include or exclude.

For instance, if warm colors do not go well with your skin tone, be upfront about it in the first meeting.

Do Not Rush Through The Consultation Process

Many designers prefer to spend time with their clients to know their personalities. The time spent with the client helps a designer uncover facets of a client’s preference that the client himself may not be aware of. So it is a bad idea to rush to finalize the design. 

If you want an elegant piece that uniquely reflects your style, then give the consultation process its due time.

Sign A Deal With The Manufacturers

Once you are done finalizing the deal, you must sign a contract to protect your money. A written deal will set out clearly the expectations from both the customer and the manufacturer. 

In the contract, you must include clauses to cover subsequent damages and repair work. Remember that jewelry is prone to damage, and since people do not sell jewelry very often, it is pertinent to clarify the terms of repair. 

At times gold jewelry gets a reddish tinge and starts looking more like copper. This happens due to the oxidation of the metal. Likewise, precious and semi-precious stones are vulnerable to chemical agents present in body lotions, perfumes, hair sprays, etc. 

Entering a swimming pool while having your jewelry on can cause metal bleaching. Thus, it is vital to mention all the possible situations where your jewelry can be damaged and may need a polish, cleaning, or repair.

Have A Definite Deadline For Receiving Your Signature Piece

You cannot expect to walk out with the piece in a few hours when you walk into a custom jewelry store. On average, it will take at least five weeks to make a signature piece of jewelry.

So if you want a statement piece for an event lined up within a few days, you will be disappointed. However, the timelines differ from one jeweler to another, so it is best to state your deadlines in the first meeting itself. 

Remember that the time required to manufacture a signature piece depends upon the complexity of the ensign, the availability of precious stones, etc. So it is always better to have the deal finalized way in advance of the event when you need the piece.

Have A Fixed Budget

Customized jewelry pieces can have a very wide price range. If you are going for cheaper base metals, then the final cost will be relatively less. However, if you have a precious stone-studded gold piece in mind, then you will have to shell out quite a few bucks.

The price of a piece also depends on the intricacy of the design. Further, the time and labor a designer has to put in to manufacture a piece also has an effect on the final value. Moreover, since customized pieces give you the liberty to personalize, it is easy to get swayed away. 

Thus, having a budget and sticking to it is vital if you do not want to regret your purchase after you have made the purchase.


Today, the custom-jewelry making process has been streamlined to a great extent. Most stores offer a free consultation process. So you can personally get to know the jeweler and the designer before you negotiate a deal. Moreover, if you spend time researching customized jewelry, the jewelry-making process will be all the smoother.


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