Are Architecture And Interior Design The Same?


When stepping into choosing a career path, we often get confused between similar courses. But you should have a clear idea to make a correct career decision. If you are confused between architecture and interior design, this blog will help you understand what is the difference between the two. And if you are interested in learning interior design, you can keep reading the blog as it talks about University in Chhattisgarh which offers interior designing courses, its scope, and career options.

What is architecture?

The practice of planning and designing communities, open spaces, buildings, and other artificial structures and settings, frequently with an eye toward aesthetics is called architecture. Architecture frequently involves overseeing construction projects, designing or choosing furnishings and decorations, and inspecting, restoring, or remodelling existing structures.

What is interior design?

Interior design, which involves enhancing a space’s interior to make it more visually appealing, is both an art and a science. Interior design also aims to improve the comfort and health of any people or animals who use the interior. An interior designer is in charge of planning, doing research, coordinating, overseeing such projects, and designing the interiors.

Difference between architecture and interior design?

Architecture and interior design are correlated but are not the same. They are different in-

  • What they Design– While architects design the structure of the buildings, interior designers develop the interiors of those structures, which may include furniture, lighting, and other items to give interior spaces the required appearance and functionality.
  • What they are trained to do: An architect is taught how to design a structural structure that complies with all applicable municipal, state, and federal building codes. 
  • They focus on different requirements: While interior designers are more concerned with the psychological and emotional effects of spaces on people, architects are more concerned with the technical requirements such as shape, ventilation, material, climate, lighting, flooring, etc.

Skills required to become a successful interior designer

  • You ought to have an artistic or creative bent of mind.
  • You will succeed in this field if you have a creative mindset and an excellent eye for detail.
  • Knowledge of Budgeting management.
  • In order to work with the customer and contractor to create the desired interior design, you should also have strong management and communication abilities.
  • You should be quite knowledgeable about the materials utilised in interior design.

Private University in Chhattisgarh 

Kalinga University– Established in 2013, Kalinga University offers world-class infrastructure and facilities to students. Due to its holistic development, student-centric approach, and academic excellence, students from all over the world come here for education. It is considered one of the best interior design colleges in Raipur. University offers an industry-approved curriculum and organises regular workshops, and seminars to make students ready for the job market and entrepreneurship.

About the Interior design course in Raipur

Kalinga University offers B.Sc and M.Sc programs in interior design. This University offers an advanced curriculum to bring out the full potential of the students. Faculties at the Kalinga University of Chhattisgarh ensure that students learn all the latest software and the latest design methods and techniques. 

With theoretical learning, students are also given the opportunity to learn from visual artists and entrepreneurs in the form of guest lectures & workshops. Where students are guided about 3D modelling, commercial skills, etc. 

Students are given access to software skills, labour management, and the latest material and techniques to make them enable for their careers. This University also takes care of the placement and internship opportunities for the students. 

Course Duration and eligibility- Kalinga University in Chhattisgarh

  • B.Sc. Interior design– It is a 3-year undergraduate program. The course will be divided into 6 semesters. The eligibility criteria for this course is 10+2 passed out from any stream, also students who want to get admission through lateral entry must have a 1-year interior design AICTE/NCVT approved diploma.
  • M.Sc. Interior design– It is a 2 years postgraduate program. The course will be divided into 4 semesters. B.Sc. Graduates in interior design are eligible for this course.

Scope in Interior design 

This industry is expected to expand, especially in developing nations like India, which offers significant growth opportunities in the creative and artistic industries. The sector anticipates significant expansion potential and growth due to rapid urbanisation and changing lifestyles. Modern Indian dwellings are getting smaller and more compact as a result of rising real estate prices. People are drawn to homes and styles with a theme. In addition to saving space, it also provides the area with a lovely touch.

Homeowners’ requirements are catered by professional interior designers, who give them a cheerful and comfortable living environment. As a result, interior design is currently one of India’s most sought-after job paths. It is the ideal profession for creative, dedicated individuals. Celebrities like Gauri khan, and Suzanne khan chose interior design as their profession. 

According to PayScale, the average salary of an interior designer in India is 3,08,341 per annum. However, if you have the right skills and experience, you can expect handsome salary packages. 

Top interior designing firms in India –

  • The karighars
  • Morph design co. by prestige constructions
  • Design Qube
  • De panache
  • Savio and Rupa interior concepts

Career options in interior designing

Once you complete your B.Sc. from Kalinga University in Chhattisgarh, you can apply for these job roles-

  • Interior designer
  • Interior stylist
  • Merchandise marketing
  • Floral designers
  • Film & TV interior design
  • Commercial/Residential/office space design.
  • Industrial & Graphic design
  • Journalism- Interior

Graphic designing companies, interior journalism, furniture manufacturing, architecture & interior design firms hire interior design graduates.


Given the industry’s current state, there is a lot of room for growth in the interior design industry in India. Excellent career opportunities have been established in this field in the creative and artistic fields. A job in interior design is ideal for persons with creative minds. If you feel interior designing is the field where you want to work, where you can learn, advance, and realise your ambition, then register yourself for the KALSEE exam to pursue an interior design course from Kalinga University in Chhattisgarh. And take the first step in designing your dream career.


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