A Guide To VR Gaming Arcade: How You Can Benefit From The Right Manufacturer


The global appetite for virtual reality gaming (VR Gaming) can be seen in the extensive market insights of a 6.26 billion market valuation. The most surprising fact is that the market took off in the pandemic year, with a whopping 25.7% growth rate in 2020. With a CAGR of 31.4% in the next five years, your industry will project growth to 53.44 billion. As you can see, the numbers don’t lie, and the demand for VR gaming is all-potent for adopting cutting-edge hardware. Apart from recent developments in 5G and immersive cloud-based gaming technology, businesses are increasingly looking at the VR industry as a lucrative option. 

If you are here to understand the nits and grits of VR gaming equipment and machines for arcades, you have come to the right place! In this article, you will get to know a few tips on how to start an appealing business and how an appropriate supplier can be a game-changer:

How Can Your VR Gaming Business Benefit From The Right Supplier?

An Innovative VR Arcade & Motion Theater Manufacturer like Movie Power VR Gaming combines cutting-edge technologies with an eye-catching aesthetic design and turnkey solutions. They possess desiccated experience in creating the most immersive experiences for your customers and creating a new dynamic for your businesses. They are also strongly partnered with advanced technologies and well-known brands like HTC VIVE, Oculus, ALT LLC, Schneider, Inovance, and more. You can also dive into the world of 50 immersive and interactive VR machines for the best virtual gaming experience in the industry. 

The right supplier can make all the difference for arcades, amusement parks, malls, internet cafes, or squares. From VR gaming equipment quality to comprehensive services, choosing the proper motion theatre manufacturer can improve user experience and increase their retainment and turnover. Here’s how they can turn a project into a win-win experience for your business:

  • Durable & Safety Of Machines

If there is one thing that suppliers can guarantee, then it is top-notch quality gear and machines. They conform to the latest durability and user safety standards and are tested for two days before shipment and delivery. This will ensure that the products are bug-free and enhanced quality experience. 

  • Promising Profitability

Partnering with the right supplier will guarantee an innovative operational strategy for your business’s growth. The systems are integrated with immersive experiences with real-time updates and game development. This will ensure that your customers do not have to look elsewhere for entertainment, thus becoming permanent to your enterprise.

  • Lifetime Warranty & Efficient Operations

The right supplier will ensure you get the latest software updates and top-of-the-line games for an extended period, lowering operational costs to null. Not only will you have a one-year warranty on spare parts, but the machines are also designed to be self-sufficient, eradicating the need for additional labour to operate the systems. They are either coin- or card-based VR machines that can account for the transactions. This creates more efficiency of operation and less effort from the management’s end. 

  • Exclusive Customization

A great advantage to getting in touch with the manufacturer is the broad scope of customising products to your requirements. No VR business compares to another, and manufacturers have kept this clean in their minds. The proper Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) will consider a host of customization requirements that can aptly showcase your brand image and tell your customers a story. From motion effects to logos to designs, they have your back by satisfying your marketing needs. 

  • Easy Installation & Low Maintenance

The last thing you must worry about in your business is the machines breaking down during immersive gameplay. When partnered with qualified suppliers, you will not have to worry about the havoc of installing and maintaining the devices. These machines do not require rocket science and can be tested with a simple plug-in. Moreover, the diversity of products given by front-end suppliers will ensure they stay the one-stop solution to all your requirements. This will significantly alleviate costs and ensure you approach them for all your concerns.

  • Decades Of Qualified Experience

Lastly, you can count on them because of their high-end expertise. These manufacturers have engaged with VR products and have been in touch with market trends for decades. As such, they comprehensively know what customers and budding businesses look for in their arcade machines and motion theatres. Moreover, their products have complied with RoHs, ISO9001, and CE standards to guarantee superior development and quality turnkey solutions to thrive your businesses to a new start. You can always rely on their business consultation and technician support for qualified advice.

Tips On Establishing Your VR Arcade

VR Arcade is not everyone’s cup of tea, but don’t let this stop you from becoming a thriving business in the market. There are multiple VR layouts to choose from, including standing, sitting, and free-roam. Establishing and operating a VR arcade requires nothing more than entrepreneurial knowledge and the following tips:

  • Opt For A Catchy Theme

Put yourself in your target customer’s shoes and analyse their thought process for a minute- they are fresh off the market for VR. Virtual reality is a different concept that has not yet fit well in their comfort zone. To them, VR is a futuristic technology currently driving the gaming businesses to speak. So give them the experience they deserve by highlighting that very characteristic! First impressions matter, and going for a theme that suits the edge of gaming will make them step into the world of immersive gaming. A good way of doing so is through LED lamps in a dark room. 

  • Prioritise Space

No players want to hit themselves on the wall or another player in an open-world game. When it comes to VR, the player will not have a sense of space in the real world, and thus, you have to give that space to them. Create a VR cubicle of at least 2.5 m – 8 m, depending on the game. You can also add curtains for a more private gameplay session. Keep your cables, headsets, and sensors in the right place to avoid obstacles. Doing so will also enhance the professional appeal of the area. 

  • Product Knowledge

A staff that doesn’t know about the latest available games and concerned details is a tool to destroy your business’s true potential. Always hire people who are VR-enthusiastic and are familiar with the products you have to offer. During the gameplay, it is likely that your customer may have a query on the game’s operation. Staff must possess enough knowledge to help the players through. 

  • Simplicity Is Key

As mentioned already, the majority of the customers are going to be new to this sphere of gaming. The first step to creating a valuable experience for a customer is to make it simple, accessible, and approachable. Ensure that you have everything set for them, and guide them through the nits and grits of the controls beforehand. Categorise your game genres correctly, making it easier for the clients to choose a game and avoid “choice stress.”

Parting Thoughts

One of the best tips for a business start-up is to consume as much inspiration as possible. One can only know what’s best for the customer by being in their shoes, and going to different VR arcades will help you understand what points you like and dislike. Keep an eye on the furnishings, interior designs, and prices. Beware that you do not copy their aspects, for consumers always look for something unique that distinguishes them from other arcades.


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