Are ME and MS the Same Degree?


Everyone is aware of the differences between a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng), a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), and a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc). But, choosing between a Master of Science (MS) and a Master of Engineering (M.Eng) has been a matter of confusion for many. 

Though both MS and ME are composed of certain similarities, they differ in their core subject areas. And, students desiring to pursue further studies in both sections should have a proper understanding of the subject matter, the areas covered, and the purpose of studying both degrees.

Lately, there is increasing interest in such master’s degree programs. Students residing in India often travel abroad to study these courses. 

In this blog, we will study these degrees, and point out the similarities and differences between them. 

Masters of Science (MS or MSc) 

Master of Science, which is usually referred to as MS or MSc is a postgraduate degree pursued by students after completion of undergraduate degrees in Science, Engineering, or Technology. This course usually includes topics like engineering, general sciences, and computer science. Generally, this course is taken up by individuals with keen interests in research works, or Ph.D. courses. 

Masters of Engineering (M.Eng)

Top ME colleges in Mumbai such as TERNA Engineering College are best known for their engineering master programs throughout the world. Master of Engineering, popularly known as M.Eng is a specialized Master’s degree in engineering with its prime focus on coursework. The degree somehow resembles an advanced Engineering degree pursued by aspirants, who desire to become Chartered Engineers. Such a degree is, however, common among students, who wish to become professional engineers. 

Further Differences Between the two courses

However, the two courses are somehow similar. But, several factors distinguish one from the other. Here’s a list of a few of those differences:

  • Nature of Degree: Master of Science is usually termed as a non-professional degree. But, a Master of Engineering is mostly described as a professional one.
  • Curriculum: Being a professional degree, a Master of Engineering is based on coursework and applying theory to practical applications. Whereas, the curriculum of MSc is more research-oriented with a focus on theoretical work.
  • In terms of Specialization: M.Eng offers specialized subjects like Information Systems, Data Science, Physics, Technology Management, Food Safety, Hygiene, and Management. On the other hand, a Master of Science includes specialization in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering- Automotive,  Electrical, and Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Transportation Engineering. 
  • Nature of Study: In Masters of Science, students are tested or awarded points based on thesis presentations, alongside regular projects and exams. But, in Masters of Engineering, students are tested via examinations or projects. The research-based works or thesis don’t play any significant role in this section.
  • Purpose of attaining the courses: The Master of Engineering is recommended to candidates who attempt to develop skills required in the industry. But, the Master of Science will guide the candidates to pursue further studies, or make a career in the field of teaching. 

Well, there are numerous top-most colleges or universities, where students can think of pursuing a Master of Science degree (MSc). But, it is a bit difficult to find well-recognized colleges, which involve the Master of Engineering in their respective curriculum. 

Given such a situation, everyone witnessed the inauguration of the best engineering colleges in Navi Mumbai that come up with M.Eng degrees. With innovative and creative ideas, there is an increase in the number of Bachelor of Engineering colleges in Mumbai. And, one of the best engineering colleges in Navi Mumbai is TERNA Engineering College, located in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Amongst all, this college is regarded as one of the top ME colleges in Mumbai

Department of Engineering (TERNA Engineering College)

One of the best engineering colleges in Navi Mumbai, TERNA involves almost all the specialized engineering subjects in their syllabus. The Engineering College consists of various departments like Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics, and Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology, Mechatronics Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, and General Engineering. 

Almost every department includes undergraduates, postgraduates, as well as Ph.D. degrees. Each department is composed of experienced and incredible faculty members. All the faculty members are always open to innovative ideas and taking up new strategies. Over the years, they have acted as a mentor and have always motivated their students to take up new challenges.

Furthermore, there were several workshops, departmental programs, guest lectures, seminars, and social gatherings initiated by the faculty unit of each department. And, such initiatives had a huge impact on the students, as they successfully led them toward learning and experiencing new ideas.

The Training and Placement Cell proved to be helpful and played an important role in finding suitable job opportunities for students. Rather than job openings, the cell also helped students to take up good internships besides their academics. 

Admission Procedure

The Masters of Engineering program, as offered by one of the best colleges in Navi Mumbai is a full-time two-year post-graduation course. This program focuses on the all-round development of every individual. This degree program ensures to make their students competitive in terms of research, industry, and academia. 

There are certain rules and regulations followed by one of the best colleges in Mumbai:

  • A candidate should complete Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant field of Engineering and Technology from All India Council for Technical Education of Central or State Government approved institutions or equivalent, with at least 50% marks (at least 45% marks in case of candidates of Backward class categories and persons with disability belonging to Maharashtra State only). 
  • He/she should obtain the required score in the Graduates Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology.

Rather than this, there are other required criteria followed by one of the best engineering colleges in Navi Mumbai. And, each department has a separate intake capacity. For other queries, check out their website.

Because of its well-designed structure and facilities, TERNA Engineering College is ranked among the top private ME colleges in Maharashtra and is highly preferred by students. 


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