Personal and spiritual aspects of Trance Mediumship


A trance medium is a person who is able to enter into a trance state, a state of altered consciousness, in order to communicate with spirits or other entities. Trance mediumship is the practice of a trance medium using their altered state of consciousness to channel or communicate with spirits or other entities.

History of trance mediumship

Trance mediumship has a long history, dating back to ancient civilizations where it was believed that spirits could be contacted through mediums in a trance state. In modern times, trance mediumship is often associated with spiritualism and spiritualist churches, where mediums enter into a trance state during seances or other spiritualist gatherings in order to communicate with spirits or provide messages from beyond.

Trance mediumship is different from other forms of mediumship, such as mental mediumship, where the medium is able to receive messages or communicate with spirits without entering into a trance state. In trance mediumship, the medium’s consciousness is altered and they may not be aware of their surroundings or what is happening during the trance state. The spirit or entity communicating through the medium may also take control of the medium’s body and use it to speak or make movements.


Trance mediumship can be a controversial practice, as some people believe that it is a legitimate way to communicate with the spirit world, while others view it as a form of fraud or deception. Skeptics argue that mediums who claim to be in a trance state are simply pretending or are being influenced by their own subconscious thoughts. However, many believers in trance mediumship argue that the information and messages received through a trance medium are accurate and come from a source beyond the medium’s own thoughts and experiences.

Techniques used 

There are several different techniques that trance mediums may use in order to enter into a trance state. These can include hypnosis, meditation, chanting, or other methods of inducing an altered state of consciousness. Some mediums may also use physical aids such as crystal balls or other objects to help them focus and enter into a trance state.

Once a medium has entered into a trance state, they may be able to receive messages or communicate with spirits in a variety of ways. Some mediums may receive verbal messages that they can then transmit to those present, while others may receive visual or auditory messages that they can describe to those present. Some mediums may also use their bodies to convey messages from spirits, through movements or gestures.

Trance mediumship can be a deeply personal and spiritual experience for both the medium and those present. It can provide a sense of connection to the spirit world and offer comfort and guidance to those seeking answers or closure. 


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