How To Pair Your Three-Stone Engagement Ring With A Wedding Band


Many women proudly wear their three-stone engagement ring, which is one of the most popular designs. If you are looking for a perfect pairing with your wedding band, you have come to the right place. It is traditional to wear the engagement ring on the third finger of the left hand, while the wedding ring would be worn on top of the engagement ring; if you plan on staying with tradition, here are a few tips to pairing a trinity ring style engagement ring with a wedding band.

  1. Bezel Set Diamonds – If you want to match your trinity style engagement ring perfectly with your wedding band, think about setting small pave diamonds with a bezel setting. Whether you choose the same metal as your engagement ring or prefer a different look, if the gemstones are in a bezel setting, there will be no stone-to-stone contact. The Internet is a great source of information regarding ring design and jewellery in general.
  • Think Pave Diamonds – If you want to have diamonds set in your wedding ring and do not want to clash with your 3-stone engagement ring, design a wedding band with inset pave diamonds that do not exceed the band line, meaning that the two rings can sit together without the gemstones touching. When looking to match a 3-stone engagement ring, choosing one of the custom made diamond wedding rings Sydney or your city’s top jewellery designer crafts is the obvious solution. Pave diamonds can be set in such a way that they are always protected, which is perfect for the active woman, who won’t have the worry of losing diamonds; even with full insurance, losing a diamond can be traumatic.
  1. Made By The Same Jeweller – If you had your 3-stone engagement ring commissioned by a custom jeweller, the same artist should hand-craft the wedding ring. Indeed, when you first approached the jeweller, you could incorporate the pairing into the engagement ring design. Indeed, a custom jeweller is used to having to pair engagement and wedding rings, as many couples insist on matching.
  2. Space Or No Space – When you wear your engagement ring and your wedding band, do you want both rings to be touching or slightly separated? If you prefer touching rings, then your diamonds in the wedding band need to be flush with the metal, which ensures that the two rings do not touch. Of course, stacking rings is trending right now, and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon, which is even more reason to have both rings designed by the same custom jeweller.
  3. Slightly Larger Wedding Band – If your wedding ring is a little larger, then it can easily be moved to accommodate your 3-stone diamond engagement ring. It is actually a simple task for a jeweller to make one ring slightly bigger than another, with a view to wearing two rings on the same finger.

It is important to ensure that your wedding band does sit well with your engagement ring and the best way to do that is enlist the help of a leading custom jeweller, an artist with exceptional skills who can create the perfect wedding band that sits very well with your 3-stone engagement ring.

Set Your Budget

When approaching a custom jeweller, it is best that you already have a firm budget in mind, as the jeweller can then work to that budget. Contrary to what some say, having a piece of jewellery made is around the same price as an existing ring, and there are many benefits to bespoke solutions, especially when trying to match engagement and wedding rings.


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