Five activities to do in winter 


We know that winters can be a lot of fun if you know how to make the most of your time. With your family, and friends, as a couple, or alone, you can do hundreds of activities that will leave you with good memories and the occasional fall. The best way to take advantage of the snow and low temperatures is to try new things, and in this article, we will tell you which ones.

Ski Race

As you may already know, skiing is a sport practiced in the mountains. It consists of sliding on the snow with two boots attached to two boards. These boards are the ones that allow the person to slide on the snow and are accompanied by two rods or sticks that will enable you to take speed, brake, and move sideways.

Ski races can even be practiced professionally since this sport has competitions and is even an Olympic sport. In addition, anyone can learn it as a hobby without competing and enjoying the practice without pressure.

You can do a ski races with your family and friends if you go to the mountains during the winter, and this can be very entertaining if you do it with caution and the necessary care. 

Camping in the snow

Can you imagine living this experience? Many people were delighted with the ways to know the winter from another perspective, not only next to a fireplace that gives warmth. 

Camping in the mountains is a most rewarding activity. In the summer, the hills dry out, and it is impossible to appreciate the white colors of the snow; only the earth tones remain. However, during the season, they are dyed white, and the conditions for camping are excellent if you take the necessary precautions.

The first thing you should know is if the terrain is safe. How? You can look for information on the official pages of the mountains, look for maps, and ask the rangers or people who have had that experience.

The second thing you should do is to know the type of soil where you will sleep since this will determine the type of construction and tent setup you will need. For example, in some cases, you will need to build a trench with snow to protect you from the wind in case there is wind.

Some people, the more risky ones, decide to build an igloo. This is recommended for people who have had the experience of camping during the winter and have decided to try, on different occasions, how to build a snow building. If you are not that experienced, bringing your tent and making a trench to protect yourself is best.



What is snowboarding?

This is one of the most fun activities that you can do with your family and that you will enjoy if you are not very experienced in mountain sports. The speed and intensity of mobility are up to you.

For those who do not know, snowboarding is practiced with a board on the snow, which allows you to slide while holding your feet with boots attached to the board.

The most experienced people do tricks in the air and dedicate themselves to this discipline professionally. Novices or those who only practice it for fun, on the other hand, take advantage of their vacations to enjoy it.

Dog sledding

Indeed, this activity has caught your attention; if you do not know it, you may have wanted to try it. The first thing to know about this activity is that the dog must have equipment that resembles that used by sled dogs. No, we are not talking about Santa’s reindeer but almost.

The harnesses that the dogs wear allow them not to get hurt when pulling. They are similar to the ones they use to walk their pets. The guides are hooked, in turn, to the people who these dogs will lead. 

This activity can be done on snow; the maximum speed is 40km per hour. Do you need to be an expert? Of course, not; you can practice it without any experience because, in addition to being safe, you will have a person controlling your movements and those of the dog.

It is understood that the dogs are trained and have enough capacity to reach high speeds without getting tired. The professional who will guide you will give you two poles that will guide you during the whole tour, and the rest will be just to enjoy.

Winter kayaking

This activity is not recommended for children. The main reason is the low temperatures that a person is subjected to when doing this, linked to the fact that it is on water and the mixture between cold and water is not good when we are talking about children.

Next, we will tell you about your risks when doing this activity. First, you can be hit by a piece of ice or suffer numbness in the extremities because of the cold. For this reason, it is recommended to wear the appropriate clothing…

The possibility of suffering hypothermia, followed by injuries caused by the simple presence of low temperatures, is among the precautions to be taken.

However, you can choose from any of the above activities and not miss any of the activities that this winter brings for you. With family, friends, alone, or with a group of people who want to experience new moments like you, it is possible to travel and have fun without running into danger.

These are some of the activities we recommend; however, depending on your preferences, you can choose many more, search on tourism websites, or even ask people who live in the area. They will surely know how to recommend something that suits your tastes. The rest is to enjoy and make a wish list to take with you the best memories of a winter full of adventures.





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