What Should A Good Flyer Look Like?


Flyers may be an old-fashioned way of advertising your business, but they’re still just as effective as ever. But for your flyer to be effective, it needs to be good. Including an image is a good start to making a good flyer, but you also need an excellent tool to insert the said image into your flyer. Canva is one such tool that can do this job, but you can also use Wepik Flyer Maker or Vistacreate as an alt: free flyer maker online.

What Should A Good Flyer Look Like?

Now coming to the question of what a good flyer looks like, a flyer is considered good if it can:

  • Catch the eye of viewers. 
  • Target a particular segment of the market.
  • Delivers relevant information in a concise manner.
  • Can convince viewers to click on the CTA.
  • Focuses on a single message,

How to Make A Good Flyer in 2022?

1. Use Of Relevant Images

The use of images or vector graphics is an important part of a flyer as it can deliver a message more effectively than any form of text. Not only are they able to get the message across, but they’re more interesting to look at than a block of text. This is a good reason why you’ll find most flyers incorporate the use of images in these flyers. 

2. Custom Fonts

The font that you use in your flyer is very important. The font shouldn’t be too boring, like “Times New Roman,” nor should it be too hard to read. It needs to have the right balance between the two. A good flyer will also use at least two different fonts and distinctive colors to keep things interesting. The fonts should provide good contrast. which will make your flyer pop.

3. An Eye-Catching Headline

Try to make your headline as eye-catching as you possibly can.  The headline is the first thing your viewers will read, so it has to grab their attention. Think outside the box when trying to come up with your headline. You can make your headline slightly controversial or include a bold statement, etc. Play around with the font type and color, and make sure it’s in your viewer’s space.

4. Simple Content

An effective flyer will make use of bullet points, lists, and simple language to keep its content simple and easy to follow for viewers. Your flyer should not be full of blocks of text in small fonts that make your viewers work hard to keep themselves engaged. On the contrary, the information should be easily digestible. No relevant information should be left out of your flyer, and you should always include your business’s contact details. 

5. Call To Action

Once you’ve informed viewers about whatever it is you’re advertising on your flyer, you must include a call to action to guide viewers toward the next step, which can either be to buy your product or book a consultation, etc. You can do this by either adding a QR code, which, after it has been scanned, leads users to your website, where they can buy products. 

A call to action is an effective way to collect information on your flyer. You can find out if the flyers were worth it with the help of the QR code. Because QR codes track how many people scan them, you can see how many people visited your website.

6. Use Of Brand Elements

If you want to build brand recognition among your viewers, you have to stay consistent with your flyer designs. Think of a company that makes coffee and uses the color green in its marketing. You must have thought of Starbucks. The reason you were able to guess Starbucks is because of their successful use of their brand colors in their advertisements. 

Use your brand colors as the main colors on your flyers to help people remember your brand. The brand color should be used in every single flyer you design. 


A flyer is a great marketing tool if it is well-designed. An effective flyer excels at maintaining a balance between content and design. A good flyer is targeted at a particular section of the population, grabs the attention of viewers, and delivers information in a concise way to the viewers. They achieve all of this by using the following key features:

  • Relevant imagery
  • Custom fonts
  • Attractive headlines
  • Simple content
  • Clear call to action
  • Brand elements


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