Small spaces: brightening up a small room


Smaller rooms in your home may suffer from looking a little dark compared to their larger counterparts. While this room may still have some wonderful uses, you might want to find ways to brighten it up. This can allow you to see better, particularly in spaces that lack windows, but also create an illusion of having more room to work with. The end result could be an area of your home that you are able to use and love more than before.

Add strip lighting

Additional lighting can be a great first step towards making that room brighter. Whether you want to work on a hallway space, or even a closet, flexible LED strip lighting could allow you to add more light. You could opt to place these around the lower levels of the room, to create an ambient glow underneath your items or clothing. Alternatively, they could even be used around higher sections of the room to shine down, maximizing your view of the space. The exceptionally crafty may be able to use the flexibility of these lights to their advantage, turning the lighting into a beautiful feature for the room through designing a specific shape LED Profiles or even wording.

Paint it white

The coloring used in the room can also make quite a significant difference when it comes to brightening up a small space. Rather than opting for darker hues or intense colors, you might want to think about going for a shade of white paint on the walls. However, that doesn’t mean you need to go with a standard, plain white. You may be pleased to know that white can come in a number of shades, with hints of other colors as well. This means that you could choose a very pale lilac shade, rather than opting for a deeper purple, as an example, to still keep the walls in line with your own personal style choices.

Incorporate mirrors

The use of some of your other design choices could also impact that smaller room. One of the simplest ways of doing this can be to incorporate mirrors into the room. These can help to reflect the light, contributing towards the appearance of a greater amount of space. While placing or hanging mirrors can be a great idea, you could choose to go even further. You may be able to hang mirror tiles within the room, and space them out to either look elegant or create a pattern. If you’d rather not use tiles that also double as mirrors, you could also think about those with a reflective finish. This could still help to make things look significantly brighter.

A small room doesn’t need to feel overly dark or cramped. By paying more attention to what you do with the space in terms of design and lighting, you could actually make it look a lot nicer. This could see you gain far more enjoyment out of the room, and make it look more fashionable at the same time.


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