Top 7 common causes of Gum diseases


There is nothing as devastating as losing your teeth due to jawbone or gum problems that are preventable. Ignored gum diseases can endanger your oral health and even cause tooth loss. Furthermore, untreated gum diseases can affect your general health since the infections can flow in the entire bloodstream. Luckily, periodontics Beaumont treatments are here for your rescue.

At Beaumont Cherry Valley Dental, Daniel Park DDS, an experienced dentist, will treat any periodontal issues offering a game-changing solution. It is vital to treat or avoid these causes if they become evident.

1.     Plaque Build-Up In Your Gum

It is the primary cause of many periodontal issues. Plaque is a thick bacterium that forms on your gums or teeth due to poor flossing. It reforms quickly, and if not removed, the bacteria infect your gums immediately. Similarly, a plaque can harden into tartar, and only a medical cleanup can remove it. Regular brushing and flossing will help you clean your teeth before plaque hardening.

2.     Frequent smoking and chewing of tobacco

Typical smoking interferes with the normal functioning of your gum tissue cells, making your gum more vulnerable to infections. Patients who smoke or chew tobacco are seven times more likely to suffer from gum diseases. Kick the habit and safeguard your mouth from many dental problems.

3.     Hormone variance affects your gum health

Hormonal rising and falling, especially during menstrual cycles, make your gum more susceptible to periodontal diseases. In most cases, your gum becomes irritated, inflamed, puffy, or red while flossing during pregnancy. Although these effects disappear after pregnancy, consider consulting for dental guidance to be on the safe side.

4.     Having autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune diseases affect blood vessels in your body, including those in the mouth. As a result, it deteriorates the state structure of your teeth, negatively affecting your gum. It also lowers your saliva levels which is essential in lubricating soft tissues in the mouth. Nevertheless, autoimmune diseases weaken your body’s ability to fight infections, such as periodontal illnesses.

5.     Family history of Gum diseases

You are more likely to get infected if your family has gum disease problems. Genetics can move disease from one generation to another if not cured. Early detection and treatment can help curb the problem permanently.

6.     Practicing poor oral hygiene

A dirty mouth creates an ideal condition for your gum to develop severe infectious diseases. If not thoroughly cleaned, the food remains between your teeth, releasing harmful bacteria that infect your gum. It’s recommendable to keenly brush your teeth and get regular dental checkups to avoid periodontal diseases.

7.     Nutritional deficiency

Vitamin C is essential for the functionality of your gum. Eating foods that are not rich in vitamin C can cause periodontal diseases. A diet with lots of sugar, carbohydrates, and low water increases your risk of gum issues. To help avoid gum diseases, incorporate a diet rich in Vitamin C and drink plenty of water.

Understanding the causes of gum disease can help you get professional help to safeguard your teeth from future loss. Investing in effective preventive dentistry is the best way to prevent periodontal disease.

At Beaumont Cherry Valley Dental, a team of specialized dentists led by Daniel Park DDS will help salvage your teeth through gum and jaw treatments. If you want to maintain your gorgeous smile for a long time, consider booking your session instantly!


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