Incredible Reasons Why Having General Dentist Matters


It is easy to underestimate the need to visit a general dentist when you are not in any visible problems or pain. Alternatively, you may be unwilling to spend money on examinations. However, scheduling regular appointments with your general dentist is ideal for maintaining good oral health. The dental specialist embraces several techniques to ensure you are free from mouth issues like gum disease and tooth decay. If you want to preserve overall mouth hygiene, Dr. Constantina Bacopoulou can be the answer. The article examines incredible reasons why having a general dentist matter.

Removal of Tartar

Tartar plays a role in promoting gum disease and tooth decay. It develops whenever plaque stays on the surface of the teeth for a long time. Even though you can eliminate plaque by flossing or brushing, removing those on hard-to-reach surfaces may be difficult. However, a general dentist can remove this plaque by scraping off the surfaces using a scaler. Therefore, your general dentist can assist you in cleaning and removing tartar from hard-to-reach surfaces.

Ability to Detect Developing Complications

Numerous individuals are likely to encounter issues such as tooth decay at some point, regardless of how fine they care for their teeth. These conditions may be a sign of more damage to the teeth. General dentists are ideal as they can identify and treat any underlying condition before worsening. For instance, the dentist can reverse tooth decay’s early phase with fluoride treatments, leading to minimal dental expenses.


General dentists are experienced and skilled in addressing several tooth complications, meaning you would not need to visit another specialist. For example, they can execute preventive treatments like fluoride treatments if your teeth are prone to problems like gum diseases and tooth decay. These dentists also perform restorative treatment, which saves you time and resources going to a clinic for treatment that they can address during routine examinations. A general dentist can also execute cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening on your visit to their office.

Enhancing Your Smile

Lack of regular oral checkups can contribute to discoloration or stains, affecting the appearance of your teeth and deteriorating the smile. The wide range of treatments they offer, including teeth whitening and removal of stains, greatly enhances your smile. This process, in turn,  boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

Establishing Strong Affiliations

If you have a general dentist, you will be going for the same practice again. Besides, you will meet the same dentist, which is integral to building strong relationships. Normally, when you are comfortable at the dentist, it is easier to carry out the treatment and make other people visit a dentist when they have an issue. Also, you will have peace of mind as you do not doubt the dentist’s abilities.

Having healthy teeth is crucial in boosting your confidence, smile, and other day-to-day undertakings. If you are troubled about getting a general dentist near you, worry no more since Dr. Constantina Bacopoulou of Carnegie Dental Wellness has got you covered. With an office in Midtown West Manhattan, New York, the dentist and her team offer a highly tailored and patient-centric care approach to dental health. To get started, call the office or book online today.


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