How to Live without Money


Living without money is not easy, but it is possible. When people lose their job or income, they tend to be stressed and freak out. It is because they are dreading living without money. And for sure, it can be terrifying when you think of how you are going to survive without money. You need to adjust and find other ways to live with less comfort. Living without money will require you to go out of your way and do things out of the norm.

How to Live with No Money

The following are some of the ways you can live without money.

Seek A Home Shelter

One of the greatest household expenses in a home is rent and one of the problems people without money are struggling with is homelessness. If you don’t have money and don’t have a place to sleep, get a home shelter.

If you can’t get a home shelter, you can also consider community sharing, also known as Ecovillages. These are intentional communities where people live together with the goal of becoming more socially, culturally, economically, and ecologically sustainable and depend on each other. Some communities grow food together or start a business together and share in revenues. All you need is to contribute your labor to the community’s activity. 

Grow Your Own Food

If you don’t have money and you are wondering how to get free food with no money, the best way is to grow your own food. Besides, by growing your own food, you get to eat healthily. You can grow organic food on a large scale and you can even sell it to your neighbors. This way, you can make a few dollars that can help you purchase the basic necessities.

Work for Food

The other way to live without money is to work in exchange for food. Many restaurants do that. If you contribute your labor, they pay you back by giving you food. There are different kinds of jobs you can do like washing utensils and cleaning the floor.

Besides restaurants, even households do offer work in exchange for food. For instance, you can clean clothes for a family and they provide you with food. Just find what you can do best, then reach out to people and let them know you are willing to work in exchange for food.

Live in the Wild

The other way to live with no money is to live in the wild. Although this can be dangerous, there are people who still do it. By living in the wild, you can be feeding on fruits like wild berries and other naturally grown food. You can also take a bath in the river and get a chance to camp under the sun and avoid lots of other costs.

Barter for Everything

Bartering is a way of exchanging your everyday needs for other things. For instance, you can exchange labor for things like food, supplies, and free transport. For instance, if you have something that is not useful to you, you can exchange it for something else. Through bartering, people can afford the things they need for a livelihood by exchanging things they no longer need.

Adopt Freegan Lifestyle

If you have no money and you are looking for some way to survive, one of the ways is to live a freegan lifestyle. This is also called dumpster diving. It involves looking for edible food or items of value from rubbish containers. You can also go asking for food leftovers from restaurants and other eateries. Freegan’s lifestyle ensures that no food goes to waste.


Couchsurfing can help you a great deal find lodging. Couchsurfing is a way of temporarily staying at people’s homes and making use of improvised sleeping arrangements. For instance, you can sleep on the couch. If you are a frequent traveler and you have no money, this is a great way to live with no money.

Summary of How to Live without Money

The above are some excellent ways you can live without money. To live without money, you need to go out of your way and adopt ways to survive. It can be challenging at first, but when you become used to it, it becomes easier over time. There are many people living without money and surviving through these ways.


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