Complete Guide on How to Make a Cam Girl Squirt


Some guys and girls profess to be artists when it comes to making women squirt in the real world. They claim to have cracked the elusive code to sending girls into a frenzy of ecstasy between the sheets, and never walk away from a sexual encounter without ensuring their partner is beyond satisfied.

Suffice to say, lots of people talk a big game, but don’t actually come through when it matters. 

But even if you are something of a genius where female orgasms and squirting are concerned, how does the whole thing translate with virtual sex? Say you’re hooking up with a live cam girl for a one-on-one session – what can you do to bring your a-game, when you’re not actually having any physical contact with your partner?

Truth is, virtual sex can be every bit as exciting and fulfilling as the real thing. Virtual sex (with cam girls) is almost always accompanied by mutual masturbation, meaning you can both get your rocks off in a big way. 

As for ensuring the girl on the other end of a line has as much fun as you, it’s all about making the necessary effort – not treating the whole thing like a one-way street. 

If you’re serious about getting a cam girl to squirt, each of the following will help steer things in the right direction:

Don’t Put Her Under Pressure 

First up, it’s practically impossible to reach a satisfying climax when you feel pressured to do so. Squirting is something that only happens when a girl is completely relaxed and doesn’t feel under any specific pressure to ‘perform’ in any specific way. Long story short – you cannot force a cam girl to squirt, and nor is it fair to ‘demand’ that they do so. 

The more relaxed she is and the more genuine pleasure she gets from the experience, the higher the likelihood it will happen.

Keep Things Fun and Enjoyable

The same can also be said for virtual sex that becomes overly formal and forced. If you treat the whole thing like a ‘service’ in the conventional sense, it will not happen. Even if you are indeed paying a cam girl for her services as a professional, you still need to focus on the fun and enjoyment of the whole thing.

Chat, laugh, and have as much fun as you can to get her into the right frame of mind.  Be pleasant, courteous, personable, and kind – all of which are the biggest turn-on of all for most women.

Ask Her What She Wants

With most cam girl sessions, you’ll spend much of your time being asked what you want and telling your ‘date’ what you would like to see. This forms the basis of most virtual hook-ups that take place online, but it’s so much sexier for the girl on the other end when you focus more on her desires. 

It’s simply a case of changing the script slightly and asking what she would like to do.  Discuss her turn-on, ask her to show you exactly what gets her fired up, and try to make it less about you.  Again, this is the kind of courtesy and kindness that can go a long way in driving women crazy.

Put on a Show

If you take part in a two-way webcam session – i.e., where there’s also a camera pointing at you – don’t leave it to her to do all the hard work. You can’t realistically expect her to reach the very peak of ecstasy if you simply lie there masturbating while she entertains you. If you’re serious about showing her a time to remember, be ready to put on a show.

Experiment with different positions, break out the sex toys and ask her what she wants to see from you. Importantly, feel free to practice between sessions and bring your A-game each time you hook up with a cam girl online.

Have Realistic Expectations

Last but not least, having realistic expectations is essential when looking to get the most out of these kinds of activities. You cannot realistically expect any cam girl (or any woman in general) to ‘perform’ on cue.  If they feel as if there is one thing you want and one thing only, the likelihood of it actually happening will decrease significantly.

Ensure your expectations are realistic and focus on enjoying the whole thing. Kudos are you for occasionally managing to get a cam girl to squirt, but under no circumstances should you be yourself up when you don’t.


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