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Hollywood stars are more attracted to gambling than others. Although not many of them have had considerable success in the casinos, they all visited the casinos at least once out of idle interest. Large sums of money do not always follow the actors, unlike the paparazzi everywhere. But you have to give credit where credit is due; some have made it to severe heights, matched only by their own achievements in the film industry.

The Alley of Stars in the Gaming Spaces

It doesn’t take much imagination to imagine Oscar or Golden Globe winners’ royalties. Most young artists don’t have time to realize what success has befallen them and try to live every day to the fullest. It usually comes down to expensive parties at country villas and rivers of champagne. But the temptation to spread the cards at the table in the company of skilled players is unrelenting. Today we will find out which of the actors is more devoted to the gambling hobby and has succeeded in this field.

Shannon Elizabeth

You probably remember this actress from the straightforward comedy American Pie. The picture was a massive success at the box office and became a true youth hit. But few people know that Elizabeth prefers not only the role of a seductive coquette but also to hold her luck.

There were whispers that the actress had organized underground games in her house, but the information has not been officially confirmed. During the Poker game, Nadia could shake considerable sums out of the opponents’ wallets, but it never came to unimaginable numbers.

Walter Matthau

The actor is close in spirit to a more mature generation that appreciates the movies of the 60s. After a brilliant film career spanning 50 years, he is recognized as a gifted comedian and a classic of his time. The movie’s star, Dennis, the torturer, has won the TV audience and is now gladly re-watching the comedy.

His passion for gambling is also of no small interest. However, sporting events and betting were his true passion. It was said that Walter managed to bet 180,000 at a baseball team training camp.

Ashton Kutcher


Who doesn’t remember the bloodcurdling thriller Butterfly Effect, starring Kutcher? The intriguing film seemed to many to be his best work. But, having acted more in passing roles in comedy films, he was lost among the famous stars of Hollywood.


Engaged in charity and business, the actor has not lost his favorite hobby – playing poker. Not surprised that he was able to multiply his capital with intelligent investments because the actor’s current state is hundreds of millions of dollars. The ability to analyze and mathematical mindset often played to the advantage in card games, where reading the opponent is half the success.


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Aaron Paul

How not to mention Mr. White’s favorite chef. The star of Breaking Bad has been an incredible success. Like his character in the series, Aaron did not immediately get used to the fact that he woke up as a star after the premiere. However, after going through a difficult period in his career, he found the strength to show his true talent.

Having received well-deserved recognition, the artist can afford to relax at a game of cards. As an amateur poker player, Paul joined the LA Sunset Global Poker League with a desire to battle against professional players. However, he claims cards are purely intellectual games in which he enjoys solving problems.

Bruce Willis

If we are already talking about actors, it would be unwise not to mention Bruce. It’s unbelievably long to list all his pictures, but it’s enough to say the most famous ones:

  • Die Hard
  • Moonlighting
  • 12 Monkeys
  • The Last Boy Scout
  • Pulp Fiction
  • The Sixth Sense
  • The Fifth Element

These roles are familiar to anyone who knows anything about cinema. For many, the heroes of his characters have become role models and real icons. The entire box office VHS tapes were filled with the actor’s works.

The Atlantic City Casino will also never forget the time Willis decided to honor them with a visit. Rumor has it that the actor could leave more than 100k at a time on his worst days. Though he undoubtedly remained a winner in the overall standings.

After the news of the actor’s departure from the movies, we should remember the highest achievements of his film career ( because he achieved a lot.

Title of the film Category Award received
Pulp Fiction Best Cast Ensemble Circuit Community Awards

The Siege

The Sixth Sense

Favorite Actor – Sci-Fi Blockbuster Entertainment Award
Moonlighting Best Actor in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical Golden Globe Awards
Friends Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series Primetime Emmy Award

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Finally, let us say that you have the power to achieve as much success in online casinos as anyone in Hollywood. Just learn the rules of the game and follow your luck. Each balanced bet brings you victory. The main thing is to control your enthusiasm. Any betting on the slots in online casino Canada is prohibited before the age of 21 years old.


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