Top 10 Personalized Engagement Gifts for Couples for all Ages

Top 10 Personalized Engagement Gifts for Couples for all Ages

Celebrating an engagement is a joyous occasion for those involved, including the engaged couple and their friends. Finding appropriate engagement presents for gay couples may be challenging now that same-sex marriage is legal. You want to show them how much you care, but you either don’t have much money to spare or don’t know what they’d like. Have no fear. Find the perfect treat for that gay couple with Viva Wedding’s excellent collection gift list.

The Intersection of Love Photo Print

Not all couples decide to keep their maiden names after they get married. The art print would be a thoughtful engagement present for gay couples since it shows the union of two people’s names and symbolizes the love that unites them. Because this is a customizable option, you may enter whatever text you want, including names and dates.

“ENgayGED” Picture Frame Gifts

They could be shocked when they learned how cheap the well-thought-of gay engagement gifts were. Indeed, it is one-of-a-kind and very significant. As a memento of their engagement, the couple might display it on a wall or place it on a table.

Personalized LED Neon Light Signs

If you know a gay couple that lives together, a personalized LED sign would be the ideal gift for them to display in their house. This is a one-of-a-kind item that you may get for your brother as an engagement party present. Anywhere you hang this LED sign, it will instantly set the right tone.

Mr. and Mr. Metal Wall Art

Besides paintings and photographs, the intriguing metalwork may also be hung on the wall. Because it can be displayed both inside and outdoors, this artwork is a beautiful personalized engagement gift for gay couples.

Handmade Sign for LGBT Couples

This one-of-a-kind engagement present for men has the happy couple’s year, date, and name. You may choose to have your calendar in black and white or rainbow colors. Gifts like this for gay couples getting engaged will serve as a beautiful keepsake of their engagement.

Black Satin Future Groom Sash

There are options for those on limited budgets as well as those ready to spend more money on people they care about. Ensure the grooms wear it in all wedding-related photos by requesting they do so throughout the engagement and bachelor parties. After the wedding, the “groom” sash may be displayed as a simple household ornament by hanging or sewing it up.

Two Grooms Card

These two groomsmen’s cards are lovely. This card would be perfect for a gift card to the couple’s favorite restaurant or store. It’s excellent for everything from the engagement announcement to the wedding day.

Mr. and Mr. Wooden Luggage Tags

Smaller gifts, such as wooden luggage tags, maybe a thoughtful complement to an engagement present for a gay couple. For a great honeymoon or future trips, the couple’s quote, “Exploring together…forever,” is the finishing touch.

LGBTQ+ Just Married Shirts

Simply married shirts are the ideal engagement presents for gay couples, whether they’re honeymooning or showing off their marriage. One of our favorite parts is the existence of the rainbow hearts.

Gay Gift Personalized Candle

As people who enjoy lighting candles, We found this gift ideal. The candle is available in various sizes and fragrances, allowing you to create the perfect candle for your needs. The jar may then be used to store coins or other small objects.


It’s great to show a couple you care about a thoughtful engagement gift for couples. These might be great engagement presents for a same-sex couple to have and enjoy long after the wedding. More engagement presents for gay couples are available on Viva Wedding if you’re at a loss as to what to offer your friends on their special day.


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