NoBroker Cleaning Expert 5 Bathroom Cleaning Tips Everyone Must Know!


I am sure that cleaning the bathroom is low on your list of favourite chores to do! As one of the most experienced and trusted Bathroom Cleaning Services in Ghaziabad I am often asked about some insider tips and how to maintain a clean bathroom. For this same reason, I have created a list of clever tricks that will assist you in getting your bathroom spotless in a concise amount of time. This is how you can give your bathroom a thorough Bathroom Cleaning and ensure it stays clean! Here are several tried-and-true cleaning hacks, covering anything from removing scale from your shower head to eliminating that spot on the mirror that looks suspicious with the help of a professional bathroom cleaning company.

Get Rid of the Scale from Hard Water

The scum resulting from hard water is responsible for developing the white scales that can be seen on the faucets and tile edges. Instead of purchasing a descaler laden with chemicals, you may make your own by combining half a cup of baking soda, one cup of ammonia, and one litre of warm water in a mixing container. After thoroughly combining the ingredients, clean the surfaces with the resulting solution to remove the filth.

Give your Bathroom a Gleaming Appearance!

Recently, a post circulating on WhatsApp claimed cola is one of the most effective bathroom deep cleaning services for toilets in the world. Several users shared the message. To put everything in perspective, there is one thing that those forwards got right! Do you still have doubts? After allowing the contents of a can of cola to remain in the toilet bowl for an hour before giving it a little brush and flushing it, you won’t believe how brightly it glows, that’s for sure! You might also try a few baking soda-containing antacid pills, a capful of mouthwash, or both. These remedies should do the work.

Clean the Floor and Wall Tiles

The bathroom tiles’ grout is a magnet for filth and grime. You may find it challenging to get down on your knees and clean every crack and crevice, but using a toothbrush can make the job much more straightforward. The filth may be removed using a paste made of borax, baking soda, and water. If a stain doesn’t come out, try soaking a cotton ball in bleach and taping it over the stain with duct tape. This should help. After allowing it to rest for as much time as possible, flush it with fresh water.

Make Sure the Shower Curtains Are Dried and Cleaned

If your bathroom does not have sufficient ventilation, you will very quickly notice that the shower curtains have developed mildew patches of varying sizes. If you apply a paste made of vinegar and salt on the spots and massage them, the spots will vanish. After the paste has had time to dry, remove it with water. If this does not work, try using a combination of borax and vinegar in warm water in a ratio of one part borax to two parts vinegar, and it should remove the stains. Valuable advice is to soak the shower curtains in water that has been lightly salted for a few minutes before hanging them without first washing them. The layer of salt will act as a barrier, preventing mildew from growing on the surface.

Do Away with the Ring Around the Toilet Bowl

If the water used to flush the toilet is recycled, no matter how hard you try, a ring will quickly begin to form at the top of the water level in the bowl if the toilet utilises recycled water. In addition, even if you are pleased to reduce your water use, you may find that recycled water has an unpleasant odour. Not only would applying a solution of lemon juice and borax all around the bowl make it smell clean and fresh like lemons, but it will also remove any stains that may be there.


To recap, the bathroom is where we get ready for the day and spend time resting after a long day so that we may start the next day feeling refreshed and revitalised. When it has been recently cleaned, is in lovely condition, and has a pleasant aroma, a bathroom may be enjoyed to its fullest potential. Visit if you wish to have a perfectly clean bathroom and don’t want to spend much time on Bathroom Cleaning Services in Ghaziabad.


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