Reasons To Buy An Egg Chair For Your Garden & Care Tips


If you are preparing your garden for the coming summer, you may not have considered adding an egg chair to the deck. Hanging chairs offer the ultimate relaxation experience and they come in many different designs, allowing you to complement the terrace without taking up any floorspace.

Stand-Alone Egg Chairs

A stand-alone egg chair is ideal because you can move the chair indoors when the winter comes; when looking to buy a good quality outdoor egg chair, visit your local outdoor furniture showroom where you can try out a wide range of cool designs. A powder-coated iron frame offers stability and the rattan wicker is hand-weaved, with washable cushions and removeable covers. The frame comes in kit form and is easy to assemble, with a short stainless-steel chain on which the chair hangs.

Soothing Sway

Relaxing is so much better in a hanging egg chair and most people like a gentle sway as they sit back in a very comfortable chair. Once you have a hanging egg chair, it quickly becomes the favourite spot on the deck, so don’t be surprised if it is occupied.


If you want some sun, simply move the egg swing chair with stand to another area of the garden. When it rains, the egg chair sits nicely in the living room, or anywhere else in the house for that matter. If you are an avid reader, you’ll love the egg chair when you have some free time and if you fancy a nap in the sun, you’re good to go.


A choice of rich colours means you can complement any living area and in a large setting, a pair of hanging egg chairs is perfect. Search online for hanging chairs on sale in your location and take a drive to the nearest store. Browse the store and take the opportunity to try out a range of hanging egg chairs.

Frameless Hanging Egg Chairs

If you have overhead support on your deck, you can fix a hanging egg chair without using the iron frame. Fit a solid hook to accommodate the chain and suspend the chair at the ideal height. You could fix a ceiling support in the home and relocate the chair during the winter, maximising the usage.

Egg Chair Care Tips

Unclip the chair from the chain and remove the cushions (the covers can be washed), then wipe down the rattan with a damp cloth. Do check the hook now and then if you are hanging the chair, just to be on the safe side. The rattan weaving should be weather treated and no maintenance is required, other than removing dust. Try to avoid leaving the chair in the rain, as this might damage the rattan wicker.

Spend the day at a nearby outdoor furniture centre and experience a wide range of hanging egg chairs with an ergonomic design; a quality product will stand the test of time. Most people add another hanging chair once they experience the ultimate in relaxation, which frees up space on your deck.


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