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As you are very well aware that there are so many ways of transportation in the trucking businesses. And one of the riskiest ones is Bobtailing. Bobtailing or Deadhauling is described as driving your 18-wheeler vehicle without its trailer attached to it. In such cases, the semi-owner operator who sometimes does deadhead trips with or without dispatch has a requirement for a special kind of coverage known as bobtail truck insurance. This insurance will protect your pocket in the event of any unforeseen accident and also it may be necessary by your motor carrier. If you are the one who regularly does bobtails in your semi-truck, then you should know everything about bobtail truck insurance in detail.

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Know About Bobtail Truck Insurance

Bobtail insurance is a kind of policy cover that is used to protect you while you are driving the truck without its trailer or hauling equipment. This is basically to protect you in two scenarios: 

  • When you are driving in between the unloading of one load and going to pick up the other one.
  • When you are going home after dropping off the load. 
  • When you are driving to pick up a fresh load. 

You can consider it as an inexpensive add-on to your already existing truck insurance policy that acts as an extra protection layer for your hauling business. 

Who Requires Bobtail Insurance?

There is not only a single reason to get bobtail insurance. The basic reason to get it is the motor carrier. There are many cases when you operate the business under someone else’s truck’s authority. Still, there are some specific circumstances when you need to get this insurance coverage, which are:

  • If you are the one who drives the semi-truck without a trailer too often.
  • It is required by your motor carrier.
  • If you use your semi-truck with an empty trailer.
  • If you are the one who doesn’t have the legal fees to cover the damage and other financial help involved in an accident. 

Important Point: You know bobtailing is a bit riskier than operating a truck with loaded hauling equipment. If most of the weight of the trailer is gone, you may find it difficult to break the bobtail much harder or even manage the turns. This is the general reason why bobtail insurance is really important to save your pocket. 

If you drive your semi-truck with an empty trailer for some personal work, then you may avoid getting this insurance. You will need non-trucking liability insurance in place of this in such cases. 

What is Covered Under Bobtail Insurance?

Bobtail insurance basically covers the liability. It is not to cover the physical damage. It is used to protect the other vehicles’ damage and injuries to third-party people involved in the accident especially when you are at fault. Some of the cases which are covered under this insurance policy:

  • When you unload your last load and go to pick up the next one and you get into a collision in the meantime. The cost of repair in such cases will be covered. 
  • If you injured someone with your truck while driving with an empty trailer, then the cost of medical bills and any assistance to the third party will be covered.
  • If your empty trailer truck collides with the other person’s vehicle, then the damage cost of repairing or replacing the parts will be covered. 
  • Liability of this insurance will cover the legal fees if in such cases any third party sues you. 

What is not Covered Under Bobtail Insurance?

Bobtail insurance doesn’t cover any damage done to your truck in any accident. It is specifically for trailer-less vehicles on the road. The things that will not be covered under bobtail insurance are

  • Any injury cost of the driver who is doing the bobtailing. 
  • You will not get the cost of damage done to your vehicle. You will need a commercial truck insurance policy for this.
  • Any damage is done due to fire, or any natural calamity. 
  • If you drop off half of the load and going to deliver the remaining one but are met with an accident. Then also the damage cost will not be covered under bobtail insurance. 

How Much It Will Cost You?

The cost you have to pay to get bobtail insurance depends on various factors. This may have your driving history, the limit that your policy covers, and how regularly you do the bobtailing. The rough estimate of getting this kind of insurance is approx. $400 per year. This is just an idea of the cost, but there are many factors that decide the cost of your bobtail insurance policy:

  • The driving history related to your truck.
  • The limit you choose for the liability cost.
  • Use your semi-truck without a trailer.
  • The past record of your insurance policy. 

Bobtail Insurance Vs Non-trucking Liability Insurance

Many people get confused between a bobtail and non-trucking liability insurance and they think these two terms as synonyms. But this is not right. 

These are types of liability coverage but they both have different purposes. As you have read, a bobtail is especially important for you when you are trucking without the trailer. Whereas, non-trucking is to protect your business in the time of personal usage or non-business purpose of the trucks like picking up some personal goods. Maybe you have a business that needs both of these insurances. It totally depends on how you use your trucks in your transportation business. 

Final Thoughts

That’s all for this blog!

As you know, semi-trucks are considered heavy-duty vehicles, and damage done by them can also be huge in any collision. Also, when they are without the trailer, they are difficult to handle especially at turns. As per the risks of bobtailing, avoiding this insurance can be a big mistake. This may burn your pocket or may halt your business. So, what are you waiting for? Get your bobtail insurance today if you find the given details related to your business.

If you still want something to ask about bobtail insurance, you can connect with us…We will serve you happily!



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