Why Do Australians Gamble So Much?


Could Australia become the global gambling capital? According to a 2015 survey by the Australian Gaming Council, the typical Australian spends around AUD 1,172 on gaming each year. Following the Covid-19 epidemic, the statistics might skyrocket in 2022-2023 as more people turn to the Internet for entertainment and gamble at new Australian online casinos. Furthermore, Australia’s gambling culture has extended to visitors visiting the nation. In 2020, tourist-related punting activities generated $590 in Gross Value Added (GVA). So, what precisely is it about gambling that makes it so popular in Australia? Let’s see if we can figure it out!


According to a BBC news article on Australia’s Gaming Addiction published in 2017, Australians have more access to gambling facilities than residents of any other country. Pokies appear to be the most popular gambling entertainment, with the majority of problem gamblers reporting being exposed to the sector as teenagers. According to the research, Australia boasts 20% of the world’s poker machines and about 200,000 slot machines, more than any other country.

Unfortunately, for many gamblers, especially addicts, the machines are innocuous distractions that give fascinating sensations and alleviate tension, leaving more individuals vulnerable. Furthermore, gaming options are widely available to the general people, with the majority not even being found in casinos. Apart from regular pubs and casinos, free pokies are now offered at hotels and recognized clubs. Furthermore, the Internet now offers another layer of simple access to Australia’s most reputable online casino sites, allowing the billion-dollar sector to move even more quicker.

Cultural Heritage 

Gambling is seen as an essential component of Australian culture. Migrants see participation in these activities as a means of assimilating into the Australian way of life. The Australian gambling culture may be traced back to the 18th-century colonial period when activities such as card games were seen as vital social activities for indigenous Australians.

As a result, despite its entertainment roots, the country has long embraced gaming, where risk and profit reign supreme. Finally, Australians, like traditional dances and athletic activities, have preserved the practice, but it has become the topic of digital migration. Modern gaming activities incorporate dazzling spotlights, celebration music, and spinning wheels, elevating the Australian gambling tradition to a whole new level.

Top-Level Promotion

In Australia, gambling is heavily promoted. The legality of gambling is being debated in certain nations. However, in Australia, the activities are highly pushed, which may be one of the reasons Australia has more gamblers than any other country. This is owing to the fact that the government regulates gambling and, to some extent, supports it due to the profits it obtains from the activity.

For example, the Australian Gaming Council announced in 2014 that the gaming business alone produced AUD 5.44 billion for the Australian government. More than half of this total came from slot machines. In general, regulation is minimal, with jurisdictions such as South Wales restricting the maximum number of video poker machines to 99,000.

Such a rule might explain why Australia boasts 20% of the world’s poker machines and gambling industry. Furthermore, rather than having a federal government regulation to standardize the standards, gambling regulation in Australia occurs on a state-by-state basis. Inconsistencies in state legislation allow the sector to operate in most regions of the country. In most states, for example, gaming machines are more commonly found in bars and hotels than in casinos.

The Expansion of Online Gambling

Most players like the atmosphere of casinos and the celebration noises made by other players and machines. It’s what they were all used to before internet gambling became popular. It takes more effort to go to casinos or specific rooms in hotels and clubs, which might play a big role in preventing addiction.

However, with the introduction of internet gaming, the accessibility issue has become much less significant. Online casinos from the BestAuCasinosOnline ratings enable gamers to enjoy all casino activities from the comfort of their own homes, utilizing smartphones or PCs. This is one of the benefits of online gambling in Australian casinos.

Wrapping up

To summarise, the extensive gambling activities in Australia are the consequence of a number of reasons. The availability of gaming options appears to be the most important aspect, along with a lack of stringent and consistent regulation and the emergence of internet gambling. You do not have to pay or wait in line to play your favorite game at a land-based casino.

Furthermore, there are several land-based casinos, and you are unlikely to be disappointed when states like New South Wales offer close to 100,000 pokies. However, while poker machines and other gaming equipment are intended to be respectable leisure instruments, a strategic shift in the attitude to gambling and gambling activities is required. Notably, the business generates enormous cash for the government, which might be a big factor.






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