Can ServiceNow IT Operations Management Provide Visibility across Your Infrastructure?

IT Operations

Digitalization and deployment of IT infrastructures are occurring on a vast scale. As a result, the function of the IT department has become more vital than ever. A firm’s IT department must have a comprehensive understanding of the IT ecosystem to manage and grow IT operations and infrastructure in response to changing business requirements. ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) turns the IT department into an active business partner by improving visibility and managing IT operations securely and intelligently.

Visibility Features that Boost IT Infrastructure Efficiency

ServiceNow’s ITOM visibility solution includes ServiceNow Service Mapping, ServiceNow Discovery, Certificate Inventory and Management, Multi-source CMDB, and Service Graphs Connectors, Reporting, and Firewall Audits. Discovery and service mapping provide a comprehensive, integrated picture of the IT network and the supported benefits. Meanwhile, IT departments of businesses and platforms acting as service providers can locate IT resources with ITOM Visibility.

  • Discovery

The discovery feature lets the user reliably and repeatedly identify the business IT infrastructure. Users can locate computers, servers, applications, printers, routers, and switches with Discovery. Along with locating cloud services and TLS certifications from various cloud providers, the feature helps find IP-enabled devices and the programs that run on them. This process is known as horizontal discovery.

  • Service Mapping

The ServiceNow IT operations management includes the Service Mapping capability. This maps dependencies in ServiceNow ITOM based on a relationship between devices and apps. This process is called top-down mapping, and it makes it possible to immediately understand how a broken item impacts the remainder of the application activity. Moreover, infrastructure components and semantic links are shown in application service maps.

  • CMDB

One can find important information about the online services and the infrastructure that powers them in the  ServiceNow Configurations Management Database. As CMDB develops into ServiceNow Service Graph, the company’s next-generation system of records, it will become even more essential. The ServiceNow common service data model (CSDM), which generates an extensive database that helps users manage the whole online service lifecycle, enables Service Graph to go beyond operations to areas like planning,  deployment, application development, cost control, and more.

  • Service Graph Connectors

ServiceNow third-party data connections for Service Graph, which ServiceNow Services has approved, are known as Service Graph Connectors. Large volumes of data from outside sources may be easily imported into CMDB using Service Graph Connectors. This guarantees data accuracy, timeliness, and consistency. Moreover, the suitable CMDB locations are linked to third-party data, thanks to Service Graph Connectors. Additionally, they enhance reporting accuracy and provide instant access to the data for ServiceNow apps.

Who Can Leverage ITOM Visibility?

IT departments of businesses and cloud providers of service platforms may find the relevant IT resources with ITOM Visibility. In today’s IT world, ServiceNow CMDB is not just a tactical tool but also strategically essential. The cornerstone for preserving critical services is the upkeep of a comprehensive CMDB, which drives many of the results crucial to IT departments.

Data gathered by ITOM Visibility supports the following Now Platform parts of the business and products:

  • ITOM Health 

Monitor and manage the condition of the organization’s services with ITOM Health. Third-party monitoring systems that record infrastructure events provide warnings to ITOM Health.

  • Software Asset Control

Recognize the software being used in the IT environment. Track settings that affect software license usage throughout the data center and IT environments by using software asset management.

  • Customer Service Administration

Utilize real-time data provided by ITOM Visibility to identify and address issues with the IT infrastructure efficiently.

  • Security Procedures

View security events in the framework of ITOM Visibility to determine whether application services are in danger. Firms can utilize this information to rank threats according to the risk they bring to the business.

ITOM Visibility Applications

The business IT infrastructure may be located reliably using the Discovery function. PCs, servers, software, printers, networks, and switches may all be found via Discovery. It can also find resources from multiple cloud providers, TLS certificates, IP-enabled devices, and the programs that operate on them. However, it does not consider connections between devices and apps.

The Service Mapping functionality uses a link between applications and devices to map dependencies. This top-down mapping approach facilitates an understanding of how malfunctioning items affect the overall performance of the application service. Application service maps display infrastructure elements and relationships. 


ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) streamlines processes on the multi-operating system and speeds IT process execution across platforms. However, using cross-platform may lessen the complexities of IT operations. Above all, cross-operating systems provide coverage throughout the organization and eliminate risks.



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