Lil Durk Brother DThang Killed

Lil Durk Brother DThang Killed


It is not the incidents that have a toll on your nerves. In fact, it is the loss that you suffer as a result of these tragic incidents that turn around the course of your life. “Lil Durk Brother DThang Killed” is a piece of news that is trending everywhere. Surely it might have crossed your eyes, too, if you are a social media geek. With so much interest from the public, there is no way that the public can stop itself from getting more details in this regard.

The researchers are trying to wrap their heads around every little piece of information that might be fruitful. Till now, all we have might not be the complete story. Therefore we are keeping on our trail of the facts and figures, and we are not losing it again. First of all, it is a huge loss. Secondly, the loss is associated with a celebrity. This makes the whole scenario turn instantly.

Lil Durk Brother DThang Killed in a shootout

There has been chaos at Club O. As a result of this chaos, many people lost their lives. But the name that has been ringing the bells the most is none other than DThang. People are wondering who he is and how he ended up at a place where weapons were fired.

Some insight regarding the event

Now let us give you some insight. According to the shared details by the authorities, there was a shootout at a Strip Club in Southern Suburb Harvey. Now, most of you are well acquainted with that neighborhood. So let us tell you that guns started blazing. As a result, a police officer was also wounded. But the authorities did not give up on this, and they kept on investigating to ensure whether there would be retaliation in the future or not.

The news of DThang death

Dontany Banks is the name of the person who died on the scene. He is commonly known among the public as DThang because of his performance. Harvey spokesperson Giovanni Nickson broke his death news.

The involvement of police officer

Before the death of the famed individual, the event was observed by a police officer, and he stood by, ready to tackle this. The police officer heard the gunfire. He noticed that there was a person at 17038 Halsted St with a gun in his hands. The matter got heated, and the guns started blazing.

Firing and wounding

Later more shots were fired. As a result, the police officer got wounded too. Although he is now in good condition. The spokesperson also shared the fact that he did not return the fire. Also, if we talk about the rumors of him being the target, they are meaningless.

How DThang died

Now, if we tell you about the death of DThang, he was just 500 feet away from the whole scene. He was unlucky to be present because he got caught up in the crossfires. As a result, he got wounded. If we talk about death, then it is instant. As declared by the Cook’s County medical examiners, he died on the spot.

How DThang died

The other killing on the same day

If you think this was the only killing that occurred that day, then you are wrong. Because on that very day in the morning at 2 AM, another person was shot. There are speculations that this might be a retaliation shooting.

No arrests

In all of these shootings, if we talk about the arrests made by the police, then the answer is zero. Till now, there are no suspects under custody. This makes the citizens even more nervous because the killers are roaming the streets, and nobody is safe until they are put behind bars.

The controversy of the statements

There is another controversy that is lying around regarding the killings and the statements shared by the authorities. The spokesperson, Nickson, first said that several weapons were recovered from the scene. But later, it was observed that the Policing Authorities recovered only one weapon.

The controversy of the statements

Who is Lil Durk

The name Lil Durk is also mentioned in the title of the article. So you might be wondering who the person is. Although he is famous enough to be known by everyone. But if you are unaware, then we can tell you that he is none other than the founder of the Only The Family OTF record label.

The tragic history of OTF

King Von death

We think that the record label has a sense of tragicness associated with it because DThang is not the only person associated with this label who has been shot dead. In fact, the available information helps us understand that one year ago, before these shootings, another rapper named King Von, associated with the OTF platform, was shot dead in November. The event took place at a club in Atlanta. Now you might be wondering what he was doing there. So let us tell you that he was there for the album release party. The name of the album was “Welcome to O’Block”.

Uchenna death

Also, if we move back in time, we will learn that a few years ago, in 2015, the manager of the famous Lil Durk by the name of Uchenna, who was only 24 years old, also got shot and killed. At the time of this event, he was sitting in a car at the 8400 block of South Stony Island Avenue.

McArthur Swindle

Also, the case of Bank’s cousin McArthur Swindle should not be forgotten, who was also killed by shooting dead in Chatham. He was also a famous rapper.

The black history of OTF

The details mentioned above help us understand that the family and the label have been associated with such events in the past, and although they are not very pleasant, but they are consistent. The researchers must find details regarding these killings, and the authorities should also play their part.

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Lil Durk Brother DThang Killed” is the headline you read today. But if these events are not put to an end, and the retaliation continues, then more people will lose their lives. The authorities should play it tactfully till they get some results worth noticing.


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