Hitman Holla Vs Cassidy

Hitman Holla Vs Cassidy


Life would be too boring if it was not for music. Hitman Holla Vs Cassidy tells us that there are some things that you should look up to. In modern times, the music preferred the most belongs to the hip-hop genre. Thus, it is time for rappers to grow their names. All around the world, rappers are making a place for themselves.

There are so many contestants and rappers then how we can say who is the best one. The only way to do so is by ensuring we conduct some rap battles. This is some really cool stuff. Because you will see that some of the best names in the industry will come face to face trying to beat their opponents and making sure that they get on the top. This literally gives the audience chills.

Hitman Holla Vs Cassidy is a battle worth remembering

There are two types of chatters that you encounter in the rapping industry. The first one is based on the news regarding whether the battle will take place. The second type of chatter takes place once the battle is over. This is the talk that you should never miss. Hitman Holla Vs Cassidy is a rap battle that was recently conducted. If you want to witness it, then you can do so by watching it on YouTube.

The uploaded video of the battle

RBE uploaded the video of the match on the internet. As a result, there were sparks in the community. Everyone wants to know who won the battle. But this is not an easy question. Although many people who only got their ears to rumors are supposed to believe the fact that Cassidy won the battle. Whereas once we witness the video, we can surely say it was a very close battle. You can only decide the winner, but you cannot undermine the work of the other.

The frame-by-frame progress of the battle

Now, if we take you through the battle frame by frame, you will learn that the air between the contestants was already warm and fiery. It was clear from their intense faces. Later Cassidy is able to ensure that he gets under the skin of Hitman Hola.

The end of the battle

The battle went on and on. The fingers were poked, and the words were said. The battle continued till the nerves gave up. Cassidy kept on pushing more and more till the time Hitman Hola gave up due to his peaked emotions.

Expectations and reality

Hitman Hola, the favorite candidate

The fans got a spectacular view of this battle. They were the only party enjoying the battle. Now let us talk about the expectations and reality factors. The details help us understand the fact that many people tend to believe that Hitman Hola would defeat Cassidy. This was the general paradigm before the battle.

The immediate change in the turn of events

Suddenly, during the battle, everything changed when Cassidy took some powerful throws at Hitman Hola. Hitman Hola is a veteran of the rap battles. Cassidy also had a good record in battles and came prepared. Everybody thought this match was one-sided until Cassidy turned the crowd in his favor.

Watch the battle to get actual insight

By going through the online information, you can never get the vibe you will get once you watch the battle. It will surely give you chills. The opinion of the half-watchers should never be taken seriously. Because we believe that the match was a close one.

The changes in the favorites

The balances are now in favor of Cassidy, and it looks like that in future battles, the public has chosen a new champion for the rap battles. The name is Cassidy. From now on, no fan will ever miss any of his performances.

Hitman Hola gave his best

Hitman Hola was considered fierce, and his offensive style is surely something you would not like to try at all. So we can say that he was the perfect candidate for this battle. Although he got defeated, no one can deny the fact that he is also one of the strongest rappers Cassidy has ever competed with on the stage.

Remarks of Hitman Hol

You might want to know more about what Hitman Hola says about these matches. So below, we have shared his words for eth enhancement of your knowledge:

Hitman Holla Vs Cassidy Just Dropped On Youtube, And Im Seeing A Lot Of Ppl Hitting Me Apologizing Aw Don’t Double Back Round Stay Where Yall Was At Cant Believe Yall,”

Hitman Hola lost his grip after the first round

One of the most important facts that people have kept pointing out is that they think Hitman Hola gave in all of his energy at the very first round of the battle. This is totally right. Because the video of the match tells us that Hitman Hola was fierce in the first round, but in the rest of the rounds, he was only keeping up appearances, and he did not have the spark he needed to win.

The choice of the crowd

Also, if we talk about the response of the public, then we will learn that people are not very satisfied with the crowd’s choice. As we all know, the crowd plays an important role in rap battles. This time the crowd was not up to the mark. The fans have been advising the management to choose a more appropriate one next time.

Good luck with future

The fans are in awe of the battle. That is all that a star needs. No matter the winnings and the losing, both rappers should now give their best to satisfy the public’s demands. In this way, only they can come out on the top in the industry.

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If you are a rap fan, you will surely enjoy Hitman Holla Vs Cassidy battles. This was one of its kind. We hope that in the near future, more events will be organized to keep the fans’ interest spiked and to motivate the rest of the performers helping in the industry’s growth.


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