Choosing Your Ideal Bedside Pendant Light


Bedrooms are safe havens we can use to unwind and relax after a full day of stressful work. That’s why it’s essential to design and create a bedroom that perfectly caters to your demands – from furniture and decor to lighting.

Let’s skip the first two and talk about lighting first. To be specific, let’s discuss what factors could influence you in selecting a bedside pendant light.

It’s a common fact that everyone buys something because we either need it, or it complements our sense of aesthetics. Regarding bedroom pendant lighting, it’s essential to first determine your pendants’ most fundamental goal.


Do you want a pendant that can shine brightly to aid you in reading your favourite novel while in bed? Or maybe you aren’t concerned about the light intensity and just require a pendant that perfectly balances your room’s design elements. Or perhaps you want a pendant light that can change its appeal and lighting depending on your mood? Having a clear and concise purpose for your future bedside pendant light can ultimately narrow down your actual pendant light selection.


Once you’ve contemplated your bedside pendant light’s main function, it’s now time to determine its appearance. The combination of your ideal size, shape, material, colour and finish would create an image of your desired bedside pendant light. 

Note that although not always applicable, your pendant light’s overall structure can be determined by its purpose, hence the reason why it is encouraged to decide your pendant light’s purpose first. For example, if your future pendant light’s goal is to regulate your bedroom’s ambience, a drum-shaped fabric pendant light that can scatter soft diffused light upwards and downwards would be a preferred choice over a dome or bell full-metal pendant that can only shine light downwards. If your bedside pendant light’s main aim is to facilitate task lighting near your bed, then the latter would be a better option than the former.

If you have no specific requirements for your pendant light’s look, you can gather the current design elements in your bedroom and search for a bedside pendant light that can supplement or enhance your bedroom’s appeal and ambience.


The previous advice is related to the next one. Once you’ve visualised or found your bedside pendant light’s appearance, it’s now time to compare it with regards to your room’s current plan and style. In this aspect, you’ll have to consider the dimensions of your bedroom, the scale and proportion of the space and furniture, the difficulty of pendant light installation, and the current atmosphere in the area. Flopping any of these factors could break the bedroom image you have in mind, so plan carefully.


Last among the factors for your bedside pendant light criteria are the internal factors of the pendant. These include but are limited to wattage, lighting intensity, power, the unit’s voltage rating, and its additional features, if any. 

Nowadays, smart compatible and adaptable LED pendant lights are popular in the market due to their efficiency in power consumption, multifunctionality, and increased bulb lifespan. In particular, smart pendant lights equipped with colour-changing technology are must-have lights in bedrooms as they can be used to set the mood with just a change in the light’s colour temperature. Having such bedside pendant lights can help you create a more comfortable atmosphere when necessary.


Bedside lighting seems to be an easy task, but one wrong choice could ultimately ruin your bedroom’s overall design. Some may want to blend the bedside pendant light into your bedroom’s character, making it a design accessory to strengthen the current charm. Others may prefer a bold and strikingly beautiful bedside pendant light, highlighting its own attractiveness and making an impressive design focal point in the space. No matter which case you choose, keeping all these considerations in mind will help you pick the right bedside pendant light piece and reinforce your style in your bedroom.


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