7 2022 Trends for Wedding Venues


To wow their guests and make a lasting impression on them long after the event has concluded, couples strive to design a day that is extremely personalized, imaginative, and enjoyable. 

When organizing a wedding, it’s important to do your homework and learn about the most recent wedding trends, so your event becomes the most memorable and trendy.

In 2022, to make their guests feel truly engaged in the event, couples are typically making everything more purposeful.

They are focusing on the guest experience, providing more customized details, and spending more money on each visitor. If you are looking for the latest trends for wedding venues, read on to find out the 7 trends of 2022.

  • Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor wedding festivities have significantly increased in recent years. 

Over the past two years, couples have embraced the romance of magnificent, verdant outdoor areas by having romantic backyard weddings and weddings at locations with enchanting gardens. You can find them at most wedding venues on Long Island.

Back-garden weddings are more difficult to prepare for and can only be held during the warmer months. 

However, they also provide you with the chance to have your wedding in a distinctive location that serves as a unique setting for your guests. It gives you access to a more spacious location and provides better privacy.

  • Destination Weddings

As fewer guests allow for greater venue freedom, getaway weddings are becoming more and more common. 

A destination wedding provides the couple and their guests with not only the opportunity to celebrate the marriage but also a vacation all in one.

Instead of taking a flight abroad for their wedding, many couples are retreating to local towns or glamorous Southern cities. In the US, more and more couples are choosing to get married in stunning, surreal locations.

  • Weddings On Weekdays

Weekday weddings and elopements are one of the largest transitions of recent years and are becoming more commonplace. 

While it may be a bit more difficult for your guests to take time off work for your wedding on a weekday, many couples in recent years have been glad to reap the perks. This may include lower costs and improved availability for venues and vendors.

It becomes less of an issue if you have got a large guest list as well.

It focuses on making the wedding more intimate with real, sensory-stimulating, tactile elements in addition to the appropriate décor and furniture. It allows couples a chance to give their loved ones a longer wedding experience.

  • Greenery And Dried Flower Trends

Dried flowers and foliage are becoming more and more fashionable on the lighter side. Dried flower bouquets and foliage will both be used in conjunction at certain weddings to create contrast. 

There will be amazing vegetation surrounding aisles and end pieces rather than flowers. Strangely enough, there are floral arrangements made from filler flowers that beautifully blend earthy tones.

Such ornamental motifs also have an innovative and exotic quality that adds to their rising appeal. 

In essence, floral arrangements that are stunning when dried and displayed are becoming increasingly popular. The vegetation growth, though, is on the other end of the spectrum.

  • You Will See More Colors And Neutrals

Neutrals and colors will likely be reinterpreted in 2022, and green will be the new neutral. 

Since flowers come in many shades and have green leaves or stalks, touches of green go with any color scheme. It’s always lovely, luxurious, and organic to see colors and neutrals together in combination.

According to experts, tried-and-true neutrals, including cream, ivory, beige, and grey, are still relevant. Couples opt for the classic appearance of a neutral color scheme. 

However, they are also adding a surprise element with a bold splash of color that highlights the tones they are already using.

  • Couples Are Taking The Micro-Wedding Route

More and more couples are learning to appreciate the intimacy of micro-wedding. For many young couples, it is an intangible goal to realize their dream wedding despite rising costs. 

Couples want to create comfortable areas and a feeling of familiarity through this type of arrangement. 

Even weddings with large guest lists are also taking this route. They are looking to create small, enclosed spaces inside a larger area and add dining booths in addition to tables and chairs.

In addition, by creating several covered lounge areas in a few ways, event planners are making large weddings seem private and special. 

Smaller weddings give you more financial leeway to splash out on frills and distinctive features like flower displays and specialty rentals.

  • Sustainability Is Priority

The concept of sustainability is getting increasingly appreciated by couples and will be a trend in the year 2022. It is indeed wonderful to see an appreciation for green weddings. 

By choosing caterers who don’t use plastic and choosing vendors who use greener production, people are including sustainability in their weddings.

In addition, they are using online save-the-dates and invitations, recycling and donating flowers after their special day, and using online save-the-dates. 

More and more couples desire more vegan alternatives, and some choose all vegan food. It is another way to have a more environmentally friendly wedding.

Couples are also opting to buy their food from a nearby farm and recycle their flowers by delivering them to a nursing home or hospital. Employing regional artists is also an excellent method to maintain that sustainability.

Add-On Tip – Individual Servings Are Trending In This Wedding Season!

Individual portions such as little wedding cakes, charcuterie platters, and bottled beverages have become more popular in recent wedding trends. The idea of upgraded, individually crafted cuisine is the main trend in catering in 2022.

As weddings and events work to serve guests securely, individual servings will continue to be a hallmark. Sushi flights, caviar sampling, and upgraded serving trays with classy cloches will all be presented in elegance.

Winding Up

The rise of unique and thoughtful personal touches is included in the overall design to fully commemorate the love story of couples is among the wedding trends of 2022. 

Backyard venues will remain one of the top wedding trends in 2022. They offer more convenient, intimate, and budget-friendly occasions for summer weddings.


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