Five Out Of The Ordinary Things To Do In Venice


Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world, and while it truly is a remarkable place to visit, sometimes the top tourist spots can be overly busy and a little underwhelming. After all, we’ve all seen St Mark’s Square a million times on TV and in movies.

That’s why exploring things in Venice that are a little bit off the beaten track can be truly wonderful, spectacular and certainly different, providing you with a slice of the city you’ll never forget.

If you’re thinking about heading to the ancient canals of Italy this year then consider these five out of the ordinary things to do…

Visit the colourful Burano

Away from the historic centre of Venice is Burano, a less-discovered island that is stunning. It’s a small fishing town on the north edge of the Venetian lagoon, and works out at around just under an hour by water bus to get there.

It’s most well-known for the colourful houses that line the canals and really do offer a splash of colour amidst the tranquillity of the area. It offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Venice itself, and there’s tons to do in the area including lacemaking, which Burano is particularly famous for.

Go to the world’s oldest casino

The Casino industry is among the biggest on the planet at present, with online casino sites offering a huge range of casino games, contributing to a landscape worth billions. It’s seeing more and more people filter through online into the brick-and-mortar casinos, so why not do something a little bit different and visit the world’s oldest casino.

The Casino Di Venezia originally opened in 1638 and sits on the Grand Canal. It’s still in resplendent condition and offers a night out in Venice like no other. It kicked off a real casino craze in the city when it first was built and by 1744 there were a staggering 120. Today, this is one of the last remaining original casinos and for anyone that loves a flutter in online casinos, this is certainly a must-visit.

Cheer on Venezia FC

For any football fans, then a trip to Venezia FC will certainly offer up something a little bit different to the bog-standard Premier League. Firstly, you can arrive at the stadium via boat and over the years they’ve received significant investment and have secured a place in Serie A, taking on the likes of Milan, Juventus and Roma.

It’s one of the most unique football stadiums on the planet, with Venezia FC also one of the most unique clubs, with a vibrant culture and fantastic atmosphere. Located on the southeastern tip of the main island, it’s a little out of the way, but that only adds to this football club’s charm – it’s the ultimate hidden gem for sports fans in Venice.

Have a punch-up at Ponte dei Pugni

The Ponte dei Pugni translates as the Bridge of Fists and has a unique, and rather strange history. It was once the place where Venetians, between the months of September and December would congregate to have a good, old-fashioned punch up to settle some scores.

The aim would be to get on the bridge, have a fight and try to push your opponent into the canal. Of course, it’s not used for punch ups these days, but it’s still a fascinating spot to go and visit, with marble footprints marking where fighters would have to stand before battle commenced.


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