Technological Developments in Online Games

Technological Developments in Online Games

Online games have now entered the modern era and will continue to develop rapidly in the next few years, games also use a series of technologies to support the quality of the game, starting from improving graphics, 3D, realistic concepts of game characters and much more. Behind the sophistication applied in this game, it cannot be avoided by the intervention of sophisticated technology, what is that? Let’s discuss the technology used in online games in more depth in this article.

  1. Graphics and 3D Rendering Concepts

One of the effects of technology is the development of graphics and also the concept of 3D Rendering, making the evolution of games even better in terms of image quality and the resulting movement. Technology from Unity and Unreal Engine creates very realistic and detailed games, starting from super realistic light effects, smoother character textures, better animations, as well as current rendering technology that also supports features such as ray tracing, which allows games to be played reflects light that is more natural and also more realistic.

  1. Cloud Gaming

The next technology that is currently being used intensively is Cloud Gaming, this technology is the latest innovation that has changed the gaming industry. With the cloud gaming feature, games can be played from a PC or console by streaming directly from their devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. This technology overcomes the need for hardware which tends to be expensive, because the concept of playing is played from a server over a long distance and the results are streamed on the user’s device. Cloud gaming services are starting to become popular among Google and Nvidia graduates, cloud gaming can change the way of thinking. their games become more open.

  1. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

In terms of the development of the online gaming industry, AI technology also provides important experiences in playing online games, including being able to control NPCs or enemies, arrange schemes and challenges to make them more interesting and more developed, apart from that, the use of AI is also to perfect the matchmaking algorithm, so that players can equated with a more balanced enemy or opponent, currently the use of AI in the game creation industry is still developing to add a story system to the game to make it more dynamic and respond quickly to player actions.

  1. Network Usage

The use of networks applied to technology, especially in the gaming technology sector, currently uses a lot of low latency features. The features offered include using a 5G network which allows players not to feel any lag or delay at all. This technology will greatly influence the development of games in the future. comes because of the potential of online games like kakekmerah4d, more and more players will be enthusiastic about trying exciting games that are more challenging

  1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology and also NFTs are currently still being developed in online games. What is interesting about this technology is that players like to collect or collect good items and the steps make it possible to sell them back to get real money. Items sold will be labeled as the original ownership of the person selling them. With the help of blockchain technology, apart from players getting pleasure from playing, players also get money from selling their items if they wish.

  1. Establish interaction features

Nowadays playing games alone sometimes still feels boring, the gaming industry in many ways makes it easier for players to interact with other players in the game. However, not many people deactivate interaction features because they are hampered by suspicious activities such as the distribution of sensitive data such as IDs and passwords. However, as game developers develop, they also have advanced features to detect this activity, and also have an auto ban feature, so if players are proven to have cheated, they cannot interact ethically with other players. With this improved feature, players don’t need to worry about detrimental activities and can still enjoy the chat feature between fellow players and the global chat feature.


Technology never stops developing, looking for solutions and accepting all criticism and suggestions from players to get feedback to improve in the future. However, as we imagine the possibility of more sophisticated technology that we don’t yet know about, it will still continue to develop. What we can hope for is that in the future technology in the gaming industry will continue to produce enjoyable gaming experiences.



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