About the shapes of Moissanite engagement rings


Selecting an engagement ring is an exciting and fun milestone for any engaged couple. The ring carries with it so much symbolism. It’s a promise of things to come. It’s a sparkling new chapter in uniting two special people together. Embarking on a joined life together forever is something so exciting and full of hope that we all want to cheer on the engaged couple.

These Stones are on Fire!
But you need a ring to fully tell this story, don’t you? If you chose Moissanite, you’re in for a surprise when you go shopping for the shape of Moissanite you want for your ring. Did you know that Moissanite is more dispersive than a natural diamond? True. That’s another way of saying that Moissanite stones have more fire than diamonds. This fire concept—what is it exactly? Dispersion is the trade’s way of indicating how much a stone takes in the light and refracts it into all the colors of the rainbow before it comes out of the stone and back to the eye. So with Moissanite, you’ll see glints of all the different colors of the rainbow pop from the surface of its facets. Dispersion, or fire makes gemstones exciting to look at. Moissanite does this to perfection.

Moissanite is a very hard stone, ranking 10 on the Mohs scale, just like diamond. So, it takes an extremely high polish and looks brilliant in any shape that it’s cut into. But just like diamond shapes, Moissanite is cut and polished into all the popular shapes to meet the demand of consumers.

More than likely, a round brilliant shape is Moissanite’s most popular cut of all. The same as with diamonds, the round brilliant cut of Moissanite is fashioned into 57 or 58 facets, all beautifully designed to produce the most exciting sparkle. But since this stone is already so sparkly, other shapes are equally exciting. Let’s look at them and discover their best traits.Besides the perennially favored round shape, look for these Moissanite shapes in high demand today.

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A close cousin to an emerald cut, the Asscher cut looks quite sophisticated in Moissanite. The key difference between the Asscher and emerald cut is a more squared appearance that is created by more facets. This makes it a more celebrity-like relative to the classic emerald cut. The Asscher also has a vintage vibe, and it should! This shape was made so far back that vintage jewelry can be found with early Asscher cut stones in it. So, whether you like modern or vintage style settings, the Asscher can be for you!  

Did you know the sumptuous cushion shape is one of the earliest diamond cuts? There is something so luxurious about this shape that makes any ring or piece of jewelry look like it has Aristocratic roots. So, the Moissanite cushion shape is highly sought after. This shape blends the best of both the classic round cut and the square cut. These skillfully fashioned facet patterns make the stone sparkle elegantly for a perfect fit into charming vintage settings or sleek modern mountings where the stone is the star. Make sure you look at cushion cut Moissanites before making your selection, you’ll be glad you did!  


Every bride should feel like royalty on her wedding day. Choosing the princess cut might just be the way to do this! A square princess shape stone is delicate and feminine, and perfectly suited for a princess – exactly how a bride will feel on her wedding day. This modern looking clean cut was first created in London during the mid-20th century, making it truly one of the most modern diamond cuts around. Moissanite shaped into the princess cut shows off its pristine clarity and color grades to perfection. This square shaped cut is a masterful combination of the classic round brilliant shape with added step cut faceting patterns. Go ahead, show off the icy color and clarity of your Moissanite gemstone in a princess cut. 


Here’s a shape you don’t see often, but in Moissanite, these facets sizzle. All feminine, all sophistication, what else could you want? The elongated shape embodies a slight step-cut design to finish the look. First produced in 1977, the alluring radiant shape is your choice if you want the brilliance of a round cut with something a little more cutting-edge. It can be described as a clipped corner square with complex faceting to ramp up the sparkle. Moissanite seems made for this modern shape.


There’s nothing new about the oval shape, yet it’s never gone out of style. It must have something to do with the lovely symmetry of an oval that has kept it in such demand for bridal jewelry. Moissanite ovals have 70 precisely positioned facets which showcase the oval shape’s timeless allure. This slender shape also has the effect of elongating the fingers, resulting in a most graceful look that flatters the lady’s hand.


For quite some time, the delightful pear shape stone has continually gathered fans. This shape in Moissanite makes the carat size seem even bigger than it is. The stone shape is a combo of the beloved round brilliant, and the chic Marquise shape. Offering the best of both shapes, you end up with a real head turner that dazzles the eye. It’s an ideal fit for up-to-date solitaire settings, or for a feminine halo settings with more stones accenting the main Moissanite pear shape. This particular shape is adored for its sophisticated larger than life vibe. 


Called one of the earliest step cuts for diamonds, the emerald shape Moissanite pays homage to how fine emeralds were cut to showcase their clarity many years back. Only diamonds of the highest quality should be cut in the emerald shape because it could show all flaws if there were any inside the stone. But with the gorgeous Moissanite’s fine color and high clarity, your emerald cut will take your breath away—and everyone else’s! It is an elegant shape that shows off the top clarity and colorlessness of a stone—without ever saying a word. When you have the best—flaunt it!


What could be more romantic in an engagement ring than a charming heart? So full of emotion, the heart shape speaks volumes for its wearer. You will never want to take off your Moissanite engagement ring with a heart shape center stone. Cut expertly, the heart shape symbolizes the love and devotion of the couple. With its cleft in the top center, and pointed end, a Moissanite heart shaped stone makes everyone envy the love you share, and the lovely ring symbolizing your commitment.


What does the marquise shape look like to you? Could it be a scintillating eye with its rounded center and elegantly tapered ends? What about a football? That’s less romantic of course, but it does look like that we know. There is a story behind the creation of the legendary Marquise stone. It turns out to have been created to mirror the delicate lips of the beautiful Madame du Pompadour from France. Her lover, French king Louis VX was enamored with her and just had to show his great affection. Lucky for us today, we can enjoy wearing this romantic cut in Moissanite. It elongates the fingers with its shape and also makes the carat size seem even larger than it is! C’est si bon!


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