Lacey Chabert sister

Lacey Chabert sister

Who is Lacey Chabert sister, and how did she die? Lacey Chabert announced the untimely death of her sister Wendy on social media and spoke candidly about how she was grieving the loss of her. The actress posted on social media to announce the death of her “lovely” sister in November 2021. In her Instagram tribute, she described how the family was devastated by Wendy’s passing. Although Lacey declined to discuss the specifics of her sister’s demise, she did note that it was an unexpected loss. In addition to thanking her audience, Lacey kept reminiscing about her sister.

In a post she published on Thanksgiving, Lacey expressed her gratitude that she and her sister would never hang up the phone without saying, “I love you.” Lacey said in the post that she missed her sister on Christmas Eve more than any other day. Let’s know more about the story of Lacey Chabert sister!


The role of Gretchen Weiners in the teen rom-com drama “Mean Girls,” which Lacey was present to play, marked a turning point in her acting career. Lacey had two older sisters, Crissy and Wendy Chabert, and the three of them were inseparable. Lacey would post memories and situations related to her sisters on her social media pages. On National Sister’s Day in August 2021, she shared a photo of herself and her sisters from when they were kids to honor their close relationship.

Wendy and Crissy were the best sisters by Lacey, who also expressed her gratitude to God daily before signing off with a red heart. Lacey uploaded additional family photos during Christmas since she enjoys sharing her childhood memories. In Purvis, Mississippi, Lacey and her sisters were raised alongside their parents and younger brother, T.J. Chabert. They were a close-knit family and had a joyful upbringing.


When Lacey Chabert sister, Wendy, died away, she was 46 years old. Wendy led a quiet life and rarely posted personal information online. She might have been a Texas resident who worked at Market Street.


Shane Riggio, her husband, and she had two sons together. Shane was younger than Wendy. Actor Will Kemp expressed his sympathy to Wendy and her family after learning the tragic news, calling it heartbreaking and concluding with a message of love to Lacey’s family. In a statement on Instagram, Lacey stated:

“My lovely sister Wendy. Now that you’re gone, our hearts have been broken into a million pieces, and I don’t know how we will ever put them back together.

Words cannot express how much Wendy was loved and appreciated by her family, and they would continue to do so—their lives would never be the same again. Lacey clung to her faith in God’s promise that Wendy and her family would get one in eternity in a poignant message.

She requests that everyone keep the family, especially Wendy’s children, in their prayers as she closes her caption. In a more emotional Instagram post, Lacey expressed her shock that it had been two months since she had last spoken to her sister and described her grieving process as a “tough” trip. These are the complete details of Lacey Chabert sister death!


In addition to her prominent role in “Mean Girls,” Lacey has acted in several Hallmark films. The “All of My Heart” actress appreciates working on Hallmark films. It is because they do an excellent job conveying universally relatable storylines.

Lacey has made thirty appearances in Hallmark films, and two more are forthcoming in 2022. She is pretty happy with the job she has been able to produce for Hallmark.

Despite possessing a face that most people are familiar with, Lacey lives a mostly secluded existence. She has been dating David Nedhar since 2013, and the two wed in the same year.

However, Lacey announced Julia’s birth to the public in 2016. She provided more details about parenting and her family in an interview in 2021. The couple handles household duties; occasionally, her spouse helps out around the house to free her up to work. Neither Lacey nor her social media accounts have ever shown him in photos taken with her at open gatherings.

Lacey said he is not in the film industry. He prefers to keep things private, but she chooses when to divulge details of her personal life. In a sharing mood, Lacey revealed that Disneyland is a favorite family destination for her and her daughter.


Lacey had to deal with a difficult situation after her sister’s death. Since then, she has been very open about the significant occasions the Chabert family had to celebrate without Wendy, first around the holidays and then later as they had their first trip without her. When the actress realized over the weekend that Wendy had gone, she opened up about her sentiments with the same grace and love she had shown throughout the grieving process. Unsurprisingly, some Hallmark stars, including Candace Cameron Bure, have been in touch.


Chabert shared on Instagram that it had been six months since Wendy’s passing. She also related a story about the awkwardness of not knowing whether to use past or present tense while referring to deceased loved ones. When Lacey Chabert’s daughter Julia corrected her mother, “No, mom, it’s still one of her favorite movies, she’s just up in heaven.”

After the Hallmark actress used the past tense, she demonstrated that wisdom could sometimes come with little experience. Condolences go for Lacey Chabert, who openly admitted that she finds it “wrenching” to think of Wendy in the past tense. In November of last year, her sister tragically passed away. Chabert, who was just in her middle age at the time of her death, was deeply upset by what had occurred.

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It’s hard to believe six months have passed since Wendy’s passing. Wendy’s loss is still profoundly present within the family. She ultimately decided to keep her Hallmark Christmas movie on the air shortly after the news broke. It is all about Lacey Chabert sister and her death!


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