5 Best Outfits In Scottish Grooms Wear For 2023


With new styles coming out each year, and so many styles, it’s no wonder it’s no surprise that Scottish Highland wear has seen the popularity of Scottish Highland wear increase in the last 10 years. The popularity continues to grow year after year.

We wanted to know about the most recent styles within the Highland wear market and so we visited the award-winning Scottish Kilt to inquire about what the brides and grooms will be wearing over the next year. 

Asif is from Scottish Kiltmakers:

“The amazing feature of Highland dress is it comes in numerous modern designs and styles Our outfits truly fit every theme or wedding look you’re seeking. We offer a variety of styles for those who want traditional looks, those seeking a modern fashion, and even for those who are getting married overseas and wish to wear Highland attire. We have every angle covered. Here are our top five picks for 2023.”

Grey Tweed Kilt Package

“This fashionable, modern style is unique because it can be worn with many different color schemes. It can be worn in summer and Winter seasons alike. The jacket is simple in style of suit and is a departure from the traditional kilt jackets the majority of people think of.”

Deluxe Argyle Tartan Jacket Kilt Package

“This looks like the previous Deluxe Argyle Kilt in that it includes an elegant tartan suit jacket but this time, with a stunning tartan jacket. When paired with our own tartan royal stewart This outfit, when paired by a tie made of tartan, or even a simple tie, looks amazing.”

Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit | Choose Any Tartan

“Moving away from greys, a look which has seen a huge increase with our Prince Charlie Outfit package which features a stunning black jacket and waistcoat adorned with our unique black watch tartan. With plaid across the chest (for for the Groom) and distinctive accessories for the kilt, such as the kilt pin, sporran as well as brogue footwear, the look is perfect for Winter and Summer weddings.”

Make your own style

“Scottish Kilt Shop” has offered the option of creating your own waistcoat and jacket over the past 10 years, and we’re continuing to be extremely proud of offering this service. It’s very unique within the Highland wear market, so we’re very happy to provide this service. Select from a wide range of different materials, fabrics as well as buttons, linings and styles that will match your tartan in perfect. We also offer a wide selection of kilt accessories that you can choose from this bundle. This is truly a unique experience that will continue to delight our clients year after year.”

Trews or Tartan Trousers Outfit


“Our tartan and trews are always popular being perceived as being a classic fashion. However, in the past year we’ve introduced slim and super slim versions that have been a huge hit with our loyal customers. Trews are no longer tartan trousers thought of as a baggy fashion statement, but instead, when paired in conjunction with one of our fashionable Kilt jackets, they make a modern and stylish look that will surely be one of 2023’s most sought-after outfits.”

In the end

We would like to thank Scottish Kilt for their contributions to this article and, after having a look at the items available in person We couldn’t be happier with their fashions and outfits for 2023. They’re beautiful and chic.

Check them out at and view their fantastic Facebook and Instagram feeds.


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