Bekah Liechty

Bekah Liechty

Bekah Liechty is a musician who has recently found success. The Named Girl Bekah Liechty, Tom’s sister, is a band member. Her band is a well-known Perrysville, Ohio-based trio.

The trio consists of her two siblings, Joshua Liechty and Caleb Liechty. They were The Voice’s 21st season’s first four-chair turn. In an instant, her childhood dream had come true. Her appearance on the singing reality show brought her to the general public’s attention. Her outstanding performance has piqued the interest of many people. People are curious about Bekah’s personal life.

Bekah Liechty Wiki

Chris Liechty and Holly Liechty had Bekah Liechty in August of 2000. Her birthday in 2021 will make her 21 years old. Bekah’s brothers, Caleb and Joshua, raised her in Ohio. Her siblings attended Goshen College.

Her ultimate goal was to compete in a singing competition. She used to spend hours alone singing when she was younger. In their hometown of Perrysville, she and her siblings formed the band The Girl Named Tom in 2019.

However, they relocated to South Bend, Indiana, a year later. Holly, the band’s mother, gave them their spirit. The trio released music in 2019, including a five-song debut EP called Another World. They will release another single, Backup Plan, in early 2021.

The parents of the Liechty siblings are incredibly supportive. She is the family’s youngest child, aged 21. Joshua, her younger brother, is 24, and Caleb, her oldest brother, is 26. They had all taken separate piano and vocal lessons as children.

Bekah, at the age of 21, has come a long way. Her singing career appears to be on the rise. Bekah’s popularity is also at an all-time high. As of November, her Instagram account had 13.7k followers.

Bekah Liechty on The Voice

The trio had previously appeared on the hit singing competition show The Voice. They sang the song Helplessly Hoping to Turn a Chair. Their incredible Voice managed to turn the chairs of all four judges. They’ve evolved into the ideal contestants for the show.

The show’s judges were all blown away by their performance. In the end, the judge Kelly Clarkson, was chosen to mentor them. The competition was held over the summer. On the other hand, the trio’s mother did not see their performance until after the season had ended.

They will move to the next Knockout Round if they survive the battle round. The Knockout Round is very similar to the Battle Round. After that, they will perform during the show’s live performances.

Personal Life of Bekah Liechty

Bekah Liechty took a trip with her brothers in 2019. Their mother advised them to notify all of their friends and family across the region to see if there was any correlation. They liked the idea because it allowed them to bond and travel.

Their family and friends are delighted for them. Many felt famous after Bekah and the brothers appeared on The Voice. According to Caleb:

It’s been exciting to hear from family and friends that they felt famous after seeing our performance. There has been no word on Bekah’s romantic life. Her singing is more likely to keep her attention than her relationships. She is very thankful for the success she has helped to achieve.

Complete Details About Bekah Liechty

Bekah Liechty, along with her siblings Joshua Liechty and Caleb Leichty, is the threesome from Ohio who won the first four-seat turn on the Voice in the twenty-first season.

Bekah’s biggest dream since adolescence has been to act in a singing competition. As a child, she spent hours alone singing. The triplet formed the band “Young Lady Named Tom.” They formed the band in 2019 in Pettisville, Ohio, and relocated to South Bend, Indiana, in 2020.

Following an outstanding performance on The Voice, fans are eager to learn more about Bekah Liechty, including her professional background, age, and so on. Let’s get started along these lines. Bekah Liechty will be 21 years old in the year 2021. In the year 2000, she was born. Furthermore, according to her Instagram account, she consistently praises her August birthday.

She has effectively formed her career at 21, so her future appears brighter now. She used to enjoy music when she was younger.

As a result, she began her musical career at a young age. Bekah Liechty’s name has yet to appear on the authoritative Wikipedia page. Regardless, she rises to prominence and recognition due to her abilities and gifts. The Girl Named Tom is a well-known three-piece band from Perrysville, Ohio, United States.

Bekah Liechty and her older brothers, Caleb and Joshua, make up the young lady named Tom. Caleb and Joshua, Bekah’s brothers, are Goshen College graduates.

The band was founded by Holly, the mother of three triplets. They have released music, including a five-track debut EP titled “A different universe” in 2019 and a recent single titled “Reinforcement Plan.”

The threesome performed Helplessly on “The Voice” stage. They figured out how to turn each of the four seats while hoping in the visually impaired tryout and with a fantastic voice.

Chris Liechty and Holly Liechty are Bekah Liechty’s guardians. Her family is powerful and concerned about her success. Her mother is the one who inspired the kin band idea.

Regarding her family, she has two older brothers, Caleb and Joshua. Bekah is the youngest of her parent’s children. Bekah Liechty is a dynamic Instagram user with the handle @bekahliecty.

Her Instagram account has 13.4k followers. Likewise, she has made 153 posts. There are a lot of bars to go through if you follow her. What country is she from? She is originally from Pettisville, Ohio, but currently resides in South Bend, Indiana.

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Bekah has been living with her brothers in South Bend, Indiana, for some time now, and it is a good time for her. They relocated because her brother’s girlfriend was attending college there. He wanted to be closer to her, so they all decided to go to South Bend. Those are some wonderful siblings. It was all about Bekah Liechty and her life!


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