5 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Safari For Your Honeymoon


Beaches, candlelight dinners, decorated rooftops, and kisses are some of the words that come to mind when we think of a honeymoon. But, have you ever related a honeymoon with wildlife? If you’re looking for a thrilling, unique and memorable honeymoon experience, go on a safari, especially if you’re an adventurous couple.

Here’re the top convincing reasons why it makes sense to start your newly-wedded bliss with a romantic safari honeymoon.

1.It’s only you and your partner.

No checking your social media profiles, emails, or anything. Your boss or colleagues cannot reach you. So, you’re truly unplugged because you’re mostly cut in and out. 

So, besides enjoying your newly-wedded journey, you’ll undergo a digital detox and forget about unnecessary things. As a result, you’ll never feel bored while truly enjoying yourself in the wild.

2.Witness a dreamy sky view.

In the evening, as the sun goes down and there’s no pollution to block your view, you can witness the stars-filled sky with your partner. Sit back and look up during the evening drive. Stare above at the beautiful and surprising Milky Way. You’ll certainly sense the sky screaming romance at its fullest. It’s an entirely otherworldly experience.

3.Just imagine the thrill of tracking an animal and finding it.

If you’re lucky enough and spot animals’ tracks, you can experience the thrill of finding them. Your tracker and guide must instruct you on everything while you track the animal. Now, just imagine you find them. It feels like a proud achievement that’s worth your time and effort.

4.Get closer to animals than in zoos.

Seeing lions, giraffes, and other animals in a zoo feels exciting, no? Just imagine if you could get even closer to them. Just imagine if wild animals roam around you with no boundaries. You’re just 6 feet from lions, leopards, elephants, and so many more. This is all you can enjoy on a honeymoon safari. 

You can even go off-road to get real up personal and closer to authentic wildlife. Don’t worry! You’re safe. Your guide must be fearless and familiar with the behaviour of different animals. So, they can tell how close you can get and ensure you follow their instructions.

5.Stay at luxury honeymoon suites.

Safari honeymoon hideaways are both luxurious and tranquil. The relaxed ambience is enough to ignite romance because these suites are designed with honeymooners in mind. Just imagine staying in a traditional ‘under canvas safari’ arrangement that enlivens an old-world romance. It feels like you’re in a place dating back to the early twentieth century.

You’ll get to stay in contemporary honeymoon suites with spacious and plush bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms. You also get access to indoor and outdoor lounges to enjoy stunning views, candlelit dinner, and much more.

Wrapping Up

As you see, how thrilling it is to go on a romantic safari honeymoon! So, if you’re going to kickstart your wedding life, you can book a safari confidently. It’s totally fun, and you and your partner are surely going to enjoy it.


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