The Advantages of Retainers


Most people admire having a perfect smile. However, there are instances where their teeth’ appearance interferes with this desire. People who do not have straight teeth use braces to correct this condition. After removing the braces, there is a risk of the patient’s teeth shifting back to the original position. To reduce these instances, they use retainers to maintain the straightened teeth’ position. If you have immediately removed braces, you should consider having Greenwich retainers. Read on to understand the advantages of wearing retainers.

It Keeps the Teeth Straight

After removing the braces, the teeth are usually aligned. Since there is a risk of the teeth shifting position, using retainers regularly would help to maintain them in this position. If you ignore it, the teeth can change position, causing you to go to the dentist and start the orthopedic process again. Even though it has a little discomfort, it is only a small price compared to the beautiful smile it will give you.

It Helps to Solve Speech and Breathing Problems

Even though it seems shocking, Orthodontists have highlighted that malocclusion and misalignment lead to speech problems. The retainers will solve this condition since they will adjust the tongue placement and improve the alignment of the teeth. This helps to boost the individual’s speech. Furthermore, it will reduce instances of breathing problems and snoring.

It boosts Oral Hygiene

Normally, it is easier for a person to brush straight teeth. Besides, the person will easily floss when the teeth are properly aligned. Moreover, when the teeth are in perfect condition, saliva production increases, boosting the digestive enzymes, which minimize the tooth cavities and plaque build-up.

Helps to Correct Diabetes

When the person wears the retainers correctly, they reduce the risk of suffering from diabetes by a huge margin. This is because it keeps the teeth aligned, reducing the risk of poor oral health. Researchers have shown that poor oral health has been one of the leading factors of the blood-related impact of diabetes. If people wear retainers, brush, floss, and rinse with the right products after removing the braces, we could experience a huge reduction in diabetes.

It Leads to Effective Chewing

After removing the braces, the retainer would help maintain the teeth straight, helping them to chew better. For example, an individual with straight teeth has a high probability of having a correct bite and chewing better than the others. Besides, chewing is thorough since more saliva smooths the food.

It Protects the Individual Against Tongue Thrust

Some individuals suffer from thrusts when they are talking, swallowing or when their tongue is resting. The retainers have been used to correct this condition. For example, if the individual has a tongue thrust, it could interfere with the newly straightened smile since it could push their teeth forward.

After removing the bracelets, most people live in fear that the new look could only last for a short while? Are you an individual who wants to have long-lasting straightened teeth? You should not worry because Greenwich Dentistry is here to serve you. Award-winning Mark Sutton, DDS, and Sean Sutton, DDS, collaborate with the expert team to change and maintain your straight smile. Visit the facility today and reclaim your straight smile back.


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