Clear Braces and What They Involve


Your smile is one of the most memorable features you have. As you grow up and lose your baby teeth, developing your adult teeth will depend on your lifestyle choices. Some people may develop crooked teeth, while others have crowded teeth. These dental issues are common and do not have to trouble you into adulthood as there are readily available solutions such as braces. However, braces are easily noticeable and are associated with children and adults can be deterred. Brooklyn clear braces offer a less conspicuous alternative to help deal with the stigma of adult braces. Clear braces and what they entail are discussed in detail below.

What are Clear Braces?

These are standard braces made of clear brackets that can be of plastic or ceramic material. The wire braces can also be clear. They are placed on each tooth and then attached to a wire like normal braces. This can deal with most types of tooth misalignment.

Your dental physician can manipulate your teeth in all directions to properly align them by placing the brackets carefully. Final results typically take between twenty and twenty-four months, although particular technological advancements can make the process shorter.

Standard braces connect the clear brackets using a metal wire, although a more expensive white archwire can be used. This wire makes the appearance of the braces less subtle, especially from far.

Clear ceramic braces require extra attention when cleaning your teeth, especially areas that are difficult to get to when brushing normally.

First-time braces can be uncomfortable, but once you get used to them, the discomfort alleviates over time. Your mouth can get sores on your gums and cheeks as they adapt to the new devices. Dental wax can be applied to minimize this effect.

Clear braces are not the same as invisible braces despite their similar names. Some differences include:

  •         A dentist permanently fixes clear braces while invisible braces can be removed, especially when you eat
  •         Clear braces are like standard braces but with clear brackets, while invisible braces are see-through plastic aligners
  •         Clear braces can solve moderate to severe issues of tooth misalignment, while invisible braces deal with mild to moderate problems

Although invisible braces are less noticeable than clear ones, they are not as effective as their counterparts due to the lack of wires and brackets and the fact that they can be removed easily.

Straightening your teeth using braces is most effective for teenagers while the jaw and teeth are still developing. This should not discourage adults from getting them, as braces in adulthood can also help deal with your dental issues.

These clear braces can be disguised through technology, making the person you are talking to not realize you have braces. Clear braces improve invisible braces, as they can be used for more severe cases.

The color of your teeth determines the type of braces to get; those with bright teeth can be less noticeable with clear braces, while for those with darker teeth, tooth-colored ceramics are suitable. These options can be gone through with your dentist as they show you examples of both of them. For clear braces inquiries, check out our website, or call our offices in Brooklyn, NY.


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