Top fitness tips for travellers


Adhering to a fitness program can be extremely difficult at the best of times, but it becomes even trickier when people travel around.

From working away for a living to taking vacations and more, travel and fitness can make for uncomfortable bedfellows for many people.

However, there are plenty of ways you can stay on track with your fitness regime, regardless of where you are in the world. Here are some of our favourites.

Start the day with a run

Regardless of your reasons for travelling, starting the day with a run is one of the easiest ways to incorporate physical activity into your schedule.

Jogging around the places you visit is a superb fitness hack, giving you the opportunity to see new sights under the premise of keeping yourself in trim.

It doesnot matter whether you are working away or on holiday – heading off on a daily run will ensure your fitness regime does not suffer too much.

Be active on holiday

Many people think that holidays are the perfect excuse to spend two weeks sat by the swimming pool or on the beach doing very little.

However, being active on holiday is a great way to ensure that you do not get too out of shape by lying on your back for a fortnight.

Swimming, cycling, tennis and rock climbing are amongst the ways you can build physical activity into your vacation and have fun at the same time.

Download a fitness app

Fitness apps have become hugely popular in recent years, helping people monitor the progress and results derived from their physical activities.

Many of the best apps contain pre-loaded workouts, which make them ideal for maintaining your fitness while you are travelling.

With HIIT, strength, core, yoga,meditation classesand more, fitness apps are the perfect tool for anyone worried about keeping fit while they are away.

Use your gym membership

Many of the leading fitness chains are national operations that allow you to visit their different gyms across the country.

If you take out the correct level of membership, this allows you to maintain the same level of physical activity as you would at home.

If this is not an option for you, investigate the possibility of taking out a temporary membership with a fitness facility in the destination you are visiting.

Use pre-workout supplements

If you’re undertaking workouts while you are away, you will want to be sure that you maximise the benefits you gain from each session.

Taking pre-workout supplements is the perfect way to achieve this, as they can boost your cardiovascular and strength capabilities.

Many supplements also aid the rest and recovery process, thus allowing your muscles to repair themselves much more quickly than normal.

Eat a healthy diet

People have become increasingly aware of the benefits derived from eating a healthy diet, but this often goes out of the window when they travel.

Eating excessively and consuming too much junk food are amongst the ways you can pile on the pounds when you are travelling.

However, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot continue to eat healthily and stay well hydrated while you are aware if you plan things correctly.

Avoid too much alcohol

Many people drink too much alcohol when they are away and then spend the next few months trying to shed the weight they have gained.

While no one is suggesting you should be teetotal while you are away, it is imperative not to overdo things if you want to keep fit.

Cocktails and beer are amongst the biggest culprits, so try to moderate your intake of these wherever possible.

Book self-catering accommodation

If you are concerned about overindulging while you are away, booking self-catering accommodation allows you to stay in control of your food and drink intake.

Staying in hotels can put unwelcome temptation in your way, particularly if you book to stay in and all-inclusive resort.

Self-catering removes this from the equation, allowing you to adhere to the same dietary plan you follow when you are at home.

Go on a fitness retreat

Wellness tourism is a rapidly growing industry that has expertly tapped into the growing global desire for people to keep themselves healthy.

Many destinations worldwide are dedicated to offering people the opportunity to spend their vacation indulging themselves in health and fitness activities.

From daily spin classes to yoga sessions and more, visiting a fitness retreat is the perfect way to travel and keep yourself fit.

Avoid work

We have largely focused on physical fitness up to this point, but it is important not to overlook the importance of your mental wellbeing when you are away.

If you are going away on holiday, make sure that you completely switch yourself off from any work-related activities throughout this time.

Put an out-of-office note on your emails, leave your business mobile phone at home and make sure everyone at work knows not to contact you while you are away.

Practice mindfulness

To expand the theme of mental wellbeing while you are away, make sure that you use this time to practice mindfulness whenever possible.

When you work away, stay connected with friends and family via digital platforms and technology so you donot feel cut off from your social circle.

If you are on holiday, make sure you utilise every waking hour positively, so that you feel fully revitalised when you return to the grind of daily life.

The final word

Going away can often be an excuse for people to neglect their physical and mental fitness, but it does not have to be that way.

Building physical activity into each day is easily achievable, regardless of your location. The same also goes for eating healthy food.

Looking after your mental wellbeing is also hugely important, as this gives you the ability to maximise the benefits of the physical activity you engage in while you are away.


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